10 best incantations in Elden Ring (Ranked)

Ever since the release of Elden Ring, it has been a well-established fact that ranged combat is highly advantageous and in order to deal ridiculous amounts of damage against enemies the player can choose between either specializing in sorceries or incantations.

Most players take the route of the sorcerer as there are simply too many spells available at all points in the game, be it at the early stages or the endgame stages.

The other type of build that still enables powerful long-range attacks as well as combining a close-range ashes-of-war playstyle should the player want to, is to follow the path of the faith build in Elden Ring.

In this list, we will only be looking at the top 10 damage dealing incantations in the game. We will not be including incantations that cure ailments, buff the player’s stats or enhance resistances.

10. Dragonfire/Dragonice

It doesn’t get much cooler than using a massive dragon head to spew fire or ice at the enemy, does it? Both the Dragonfire and Dragonice incantations are excellent to use against specific enemies that show weakness to either fire or ice.

9. Flame of the Fell God

Flame of the Fell God allows players to summon a gigantic fireball that sets the entire area near the player on fire. The initial explosion deals heavy damage to the enemy and the resulting flames after the explosion continue to deal damage over time.

8. Three discs of light

This incantation produces rings of light that are thrown by the player towards the enemy before returning back to the player. What makes this incantation deadly is the speed of casting and attack, as well as its range.

7. Elden stars

This is a legendary incantation that casts a stream of golden shooting stars. The range of this attack and its guaranteed hit chance is what makes it so useful.

6. Frozen lightning spear

The incantation passed down by the dragon soldiers creates a bolt of lighting that stabs into the ground upon which it summons a lightning storm in the area of the bolt.

5. Aspects of the crucible:tail

Using this incantation summons a massive dragon tail that sweeps an enormous area around the player and is best used when surrounded by multiple enemies.

4. Frenzied burst

Yes, shooting laser beams is a thing in Elden Ring. The frenzied burst shoots out a beam of concentrated yellow flame from the player’s eyes which leads to madness build up in the enemy, eventually resulting madness leading to a massive amount of damage being dealt.

3. Rotten breath

Arguably the deadliest type of damage there is throughout the game: Scarlet Rot. This is basically a disease that results in continuous damage to the one affected by it, causing massive losses in health. So why not use the power of the dragon to cause Scarlet Rot to deal massive amounts of damage.

2. Beast claw

This incantation represents the fury of Gurranq, which create beast claws that plough through the land resulting in shockwaves. The ability to stagger opponents, very good range and rapid recharge rate are the characteristics that make this incantation so deadly.

1. Lightning spear

A combination of insane damage, outrageous range of attack, ultra-quick recharge rate, and the fact that it can be found so early in the game is what makes the lightning spear, undoubtedly the best incantation in Elden Ring.

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