20 Minutes Till Dawn tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

20 Minutes Till Dawn is a rogue-like game where you fight hordes of enemies as you try to survive till dawn. The game may have easy-to-understand controls and gameplay format, but is not simple by any means, making it tricky for beginners to learn. So here are six tips and tricks for 20 Minutes Till Dawn

Explore the Talents Menu

In 20 Minutes Till Dawn‘s main menu, there is an option called “Talents”. Selecting it will take you to a page where you can see all the Talents that may be unlocked during a match. Make sure to look through the skills as you can get a better idea of what to choose while playing. 

Preplan Builds

Another neat thing about the Talents menu in 20 Minutes Till Dawn is that it can be used to plan builds before even getting into a match.

Since the game is rouge-like, you don’t have control over the talents you unlock every time you level up in a match, which can make preplanning builds seem redundant.

However, the Talents you unlock will usually be tied to the ones you would have acquired previously, so know that preplanning builds is useful. 

Get to know every character

There are a total of six characters in 20 Minutes Till Dawn; Shana, Diamond, Spark, Hina, Scarlet, and Abby. Unlocking them will take some time, and the last thing you want is to purchase a character after hours of playing only to realize that they don’t fit your playstyle. 

The best way to ensure that doesn’t happen is to get to know them before making your purchase. Each of those characters has different stats and unique Talents, which can be studied in the character select screen and the aforementioned Talents menu. 

Keep moving

This may seem obvious as you are constantly bombarded with enemies in 20 Minutes Till Dawn, but we cannot stress the importance of this enough; Keep moving! 

Staying still in 20 Minutes Till Dawn is suicide as you will quickly be surrounded and be severely damaged or killed. 

Now, it is difficult to level up fast when you’re constantly running from enemies, so focus your attacks on the few enemies that spawn in front of you as you can pick up the XP they drop without putting yourself in harm’s way.

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Use the trees to your advantage

When you load into a match in 20 Minutes Till Dawn, you will quickly discover trees. Though they are few and far between, and the game requires you to constantly move around, these trees can nonetheless be useful. 

These trees can be used to take cover from enemies or split enemy hordes into separate groups for brief moments. You can even bounce off of them giving you a small boost if you want to quickly get away from enemies. 

Focus on bosses

During your runs in 20 Minutes Till Dawn, you will occasionally encounter bosses. The two main bosses in the game are Shoggoth and Shub-Niggurath. These are way harder to beat than regular enemies, and the latter can be quite difficult for newcomers to defeat. 

A mistake most beginners make is to passively fight the bosses, as in they occasionally attack the boss while attacking enemies as a whole. This will take a long time to kill the boss during which the enemies will increasingly become more difficult to kill. 

So make sure to take out the bosses as soon as possible as you will not only have an easier time dealing with the enemies afterward but also reward with chests that will contain invaluable items that will help you survive longer. 

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