6 Mordhau tips to help new players survive

Mordhau is a bloody and brutal, first-person hack-and-slash game that focuses on realistic medieval combat. 

Triternion, the developers were once veterans of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (a game that also has brutal and realistic medieval combat) who played the game competitively, and so it’s unsurprising that Mordhau is so skill demanding.

One would have to “git gud” at parries, morphs, feints, and more to thrive in Mordhau, but here are some not-so-obvious tips for players who are new to the game. 

Practice in Horde mode

Horde is a PvE (player-versus-environment) mode where a team of up to six players works together to survive waves of enemies.

Since the enemies are controlled by the computer, they are easier to predict and you can learn the basic ways of the game which will help you survive other game modes with real human players. 

You can get an idea of each weapon, and practice parrying and trickier moves like morphing and feinting.

Of course, doing these while fighting real players is a whole different experience and will involve a few mind games. However, you will know how things work.

Be wary of friendly fire 

Mordhau is full of chaotic battles where blades meet other blades and flesh. Sometimes that flesh can be of your allies and they aren’t exempt from taking damage.

Friendly fire is one of the many ways Mordhau creates the feeling of realistic combat and it’s important to be mindful of that when you’re engaging enemies next to your teammates.

The last thing one would want to die of is because of a teammate’s stray arrow or die at the hands of an enemy because their teammate took out most of their health.

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Helmets are lifesavers 

In most games if not all, the head is always the weak spot, and attacking the head is the quickest way to kill someone. Mordhau is no different. You can mull over what type of armor to wear to fit your play style, but wearing a helmet should never be up for debate.

Build your class

You can choose from many default classes in Mordhau, but once you have the gold it’s a good idea to start building your class that suits your playstyle. 

Creating your class allows you to match any armor with any weapon, and more importantly, you get access to perks that otherwise won’t be available to you. Some perks can be tremendously helpful, like Bloodlust for example which will heal you every time you kill an enemy with a melee attack. 

Throwables can be very effective when used correctly

Mordhau offers players a vast collection of weapons to kill their enemies with and throwables are no exception. You have simpler ones like throwing knives and axes and then you have more complex ones like bear traps. 

Oil pots are especially useful as they have an AoE. They can be thrown at choke points like doorways where a lot of enemies come through. Oil pots also set players on fire so they can be used to stop health regen. Similarly, every throwable can be used effectively on the battlefield. 

Kicking can be useful

Kicking does little damage, but it can stun enemies and is unlockable, so it can help you win tough battles if used effectively. 

Whether your opponent is just as good as you at parrying or is hiding behind a shield, landing a successful kick can leave them vulnerable allowing you to strike a deadly blow. Be careful, however as you will have to get in close to land them, which will put you at risk of losing your leg.