The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: 9 most useful recipes to make

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, much like its predecessors, gives a lot of importance to cooking. There are a variety of meals and elixirs you can cook in the game that will offer you various buffs and bonuses. Here are the nine most useful recipes in the game. 

Bright Fish Skewer

This recipe makes Link glow and light up his surroundings, making this recipe essential while visiting dark areas like the Depths. This meal is also a nice alternative to shooting Brightbloom Arrows everywhere. To prepare this meal you will need to cook one or more Glowing Cave Fishes. 

Sauteed Pepper

While exploring the world in Tears of the Kingdom, you may come across snowy regions that chip away at your health. Cold-resistant armor is the best way to deal with the cold, but if you don’t have any with you, then Sauteed Peppers make for some good alternatives. You will need to cook Spicy Peppers to prepare this meal; The more number of Spicy Peppers, the longer the effect will last. You could also cook them with meat or mushrooms for some health regen. 

Chilly Elixir

On the opposite end of the spectrum in Tears of the Kingdom are extremely hot regions which, again, can be dealt with with the help of heat-resistant armor, but the Chilly Elixir can be of help if you don’t have any.

To make this elixir you will need to mix some Winterwing Butterfly or Cold Darner with any monster parts. 

Hasty Mushroom Skewer

This meal significantly increases Link’s movement speed which applies to climbing as well. To prepare this, you will need to cook one or more Mushrooms. You can stack up to five of them to increase the intensity and combine it with some Rock Salt to enhance the meal’s effect. 

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Tough Mushroom Skewer

Often in Tears of the Kingdom, you will find yourself facing off against powerful bosses or even regular enemies that are dangerous like the Lynel which will make you wish for some extra defense.

The Tough Mushroom Skewer will offer you just that. Cook some Ironshrooms will buff your defense significantly and will also offer to restore a decent amount of health. 

Energizing Meat and Mushroom Skewer

In many situations, especially in the early parts of Tears of the Kingdom, you will frequently run out of stamina, and running out of stamina in situations like gliding high up in the sky can mean certain death.

The Energizing Meat and Mushroom Skewer can be of great help in times like these. It not only restores a great deal of stamina but does the same for health as well. To make this you must cook Stamella Mushrooms and any kind of meat. 

Sticky Elixir

Dying because the rain made you slip and fall from a tall mountain that you were climbing is certainly not a fun experience. Thankfully, the Sticky Elixir allows Link to grab onto wet surfaces and climb them with no problem whatsoever.

To make this elixir you will need to mix Sticky Frogs or Sticky Lizards with monster parts; The more Sticky Frogs or Lizards you add, the longer the elixir will last. 

Dark Rice Ball

The new Depths region in Tears of the Kingdom can be a little challenging largely due to Gloom which saps away at your health bar and not your health, essentially reducing your maximum HP. To gain resistance to this, you can cook some Dark Rice Balls which require a Dark Clump, any type of rice, and some Rock Salt. 

Sunny Veggie Rice Balls

So, you went to the Depths and despite your best efforts got affected by the Gloom and lost some of your hearts. Worry not as Sunny Veggie Rice Balls can restore those lost hearts as well as heal you. To prepare them you will need Hylian Rice and Sundelions; Sundelions restore your lost hearts and Hylian Rice restores your health. 

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