Age of Apes tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Age of Apes is a mobile base-building game developed by Tap4Fun. In this game, players engage in various activities such as training troops, conquering land, and managing their city. These tasks can be overwhelming for new players, so here are some valuable tips and tricks to help them navigate the game more effectively.

Keep training troops 

When you initially begin playing Age of Apes, your primary method of acquiring troops is by rescuing them through rescue missions and mutant lairs. As you progress in the game, you will gain access to troop-producing buildings, eliminating the need to complete specific quests.

There are precisely four such buildings: the Pilots’ Camp, Hitters’ Camp, Shooters’ Camp, and Wall Breakers’ Camp. Each of these structures produces troops of their respective types.

Moreover, remember to regularly upgrade these buildings, as each upgrade increases the number of units you can train in each session.

Speed up building times 

In Age of Apes, there are numerous buildings available for construction, and it will take some time to complete them all. This means that progressing in the game can be time-consuming. To expedite your progress, you can utilize your Speed-ups to accelerate the building construction process.

However, it’s essential to be selective about which buildings you use these Speed-ups on, as some are more crucial than others. For instance, the troop buildings mentioned earlier are excellent choices for spending your Speed-ups.

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Complete Daily quests for more rewards

In Age of Apes, there are two types of quests: Campaign quests and Daily quests. The latter is quite similar to the former, with the key difference being that Daily quests refresh every 24 hours.

The tasks assigned in these quests closely resemble those found in the campaign quests, and upon completion, they yield reward points that can be accumulated to purchase chests. Daily quests offer valuable rewards, so be sure to complete them regularly.

Join an Alliance

One of the best steps to take when you begin playing Age of Apes is to join an Alliance. An Alliance is essentially a community of players who support one another.

Joining an Alliance offers numerous benefits, including increased resource acquisition, quicker research, and, of course, assistance from fellow players.

To join an Alliance, simply tap the “Alliance” button located in the bottom right corner of the screen, and then select the “Join” option. This will take you to a page featuring various Alliances. Choose one that interests you and join it.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that alliance members can send reinforcements to aid you when you’re under attack.

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