Aliens: Dark Descent tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Aliens: Dark Descent can be quite challenging which isn’t new to the RTS genre. You will need to be smart, quick, and patient if you wish to survive the xenomorph infestation. However, there are quite a few unique mechanics at play which make the game stand out from the general RTS crowd. Therefore we have compiled a few tips and tricks that will help newcomers to the game.

Avoid unnecessary fights

In Aliens: Dark Descent, almost everything you do makes noise. Every single bullet you fire or bomb you explode attracts xenomorphs and with every engagement with Xenomorphs, Alien Aggressiveness increases, which only makes things more difficult.

Use motion sensors to lure xenomorphs away from you, and look for alternate routes if the path ahead is closed off; It’s best to remain quiet and avoid fights unless combat is absolutely necessary. 

Use your radar

Similarly, it’s vital that you are aware of your surroundings if you want to remain hidden. The radar is extremely useful for this very reason as it lets you know when enemies are nearby, even when they are not in your line of sight. 

Spend your resources wisely

Resources are spread out in every location in Aliens: Dark Descent, but it’s always a good idea to conserve them. You may get ambushed by enemies and will need all the Medical Supplies you can get, or something else may happen and you need a bunch of Welds. You never when you’ll be in need of them.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to craft useful items whenever you can, for the previously mentioned reason. Furthermore, it will save you a bunch of currency credits. 

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Dual Wielding is helpful

In Aliens: Dark Descent you are able to dual wield Weapons i.e. use two weapons at once. This ability allows you to use different kinds of weapons for specific scenarios which can make you really effective during missions.

Extract when necessary

Fighting on through to the very end is a heroic thing, however, oftentimes ends up disastrously. The same goes for missions in Alien: Dark Descent.

If your marines are stressed out, low on health, and your supplies are running low, then extracting is the best course of action. However, do not make this a habit as the infestation level of the planet increases with each passing day. 

Adjust gamma settings

Aliens: Dark Descent is a dark game — Literally. Make sure your brightness level is high enough that you do not miss interactable areas and other important objects. This will also help you in story missions greatly. 

Keep moving 

Remaining stationary in Aliens: Dark Descent for a long time is sure to get you in trouble. Xenomorphs are quick and dangerous creatures that are less than easy to kill. Remaining stationary will allow them to corner, so make sure your marines are always on the move. 

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