All new features coming to F1 22

New regulations mean the latest Formula 1 game will be a complete change from last year. The driving physics have been revamped and there are several new features that have been added to the game.

With the major new regulations coming into effect for the 2022 Formula 1 season, the driving physics had to be completely re-done as the new changes are vastly different from the older generation of cars. Apart from this big change, there are several new features being added to the latest iteration of the Formula 1 game franchise.

Let’s take a look at the significant new features the game will feature:

The Sprint format

Sprints have already occurred in F1 weekends four times and are being considered for six further appearances in 2023. They begin with qualifying on Friday evening, followed by the second practise session and a sprint event on Saturday to determine the grid for the race on Sunday.

F1 Sprint rules

The Sprint format will be available in the F1 22 game, a feature that was missing from last year’s F1 2021 version. They may, however, appear on whatever circuit the player likes, unlike in the actual world.

The weekend structure will have three options: Standard, Authentic and Sprint & Race. The first option features a practice, qualifying and race event, whereas the other two contain a sprint in-between the qualifying and race events. 

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Tyre modelling system

A new tyre model, along with the altered aerodynamics which are the key changes to the regulations, is thought to be the most noteworthy update in an F1 game in a long time.

Like all of its previous iterations, the driving experience is one of corner entering understeer. However, the player must now pay greater attention to their throttle inputs when they leave corners that aren’t quite flat out.

Oversteer becomes increasingly prominent from the mid-corner point forward – but not in an unpleasant way. When compared to contemporaries, there is not a night and day difference, but it does necessitate acclimatisation.

Formation lap and pit stops

When it comes to formation laps and pit stops, players may now pick between two modes: Broadcast and Immersive.

Choosing Broadcast mode for the formation lap presents the formation lap like a real event, a visual showcase of the grid order and tyre strategies, with its length cut down to just a few corners. The Immersive option for the formation lap, on the other hand, allows players to park the car inside your starting box and even set the angle at which they want to begin.

When it comes to pit stops, Broadcast mode takes the vehicle down the pit lane and doesn’t give the player control until the conclusion, but is shown through the on-track cameras, complete with pit related graphics and commentary.

Selecting the immersive option, on the other hand, lets the player control how much time they spend in the pits. A five-second countdown appears at the top of the screen as the player approaches their pit box, followed by a button instruction.

Multiplayer, supercars and revised tracks

F1 22 will have cross-platform online multiplayer, although it will be released after the game has launched.

Furthermore, the Miami circuit will be added to the game along with Albert Park, Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi, and Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, which will also be modified.

F1 Life is a gleaming new addition to the game that expands on the existing Podium Pass cosmetic unlock function by including licenced gear and even driveable supercars.

Character personalizations will be able to spruce up a hub, which will feature any in-game awards, and can be utilised as an online lobby for players to observe each other’s lifestyle choices.

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