Battle Stars tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Battle Stars is a top-down team-based shooter developed by SuperGaming for Android.

The gameplay is strikingly similar to Brawl Stars and is every bit fun and intense.

The game can be a bit confusing to navigate through for newcomers so here are a few tips and tricks to help them out. 

Always stick with your teammates

This tip may seem obvious to you if you have played other squad battle royale games or team deathmatch games before.

However, to reiterate, the most important advice a player can follow in Battle Stars is always to stay close to their teammates.

Trying to be a hero and fighting alone is practically suicide, and will get you killed almost instantly if you happen to encounter more than one opponent.

Regardless of how good you are at the game. 

Sticking together will not only help you take out opponents faster but will also ensure that you take lesser damage overall.

Head to the bushes when overwhelmed

Despite following the first tip, you will probably end up in sticky situations where you will be very vulnerable in Battle Stars.

In such cases, instead of fighting till your last breath, look for any bushes nearby and hide inside them to heal.

It’s always better to try and live instead of fighting a battle you know you will lose. 

Keep moving

Never stand still while engaging in combat in Battle Stars.

Standing still is the fastest way to get killed because you will make yourself an easy target.

Always keep moving as this will make it harder for the enemy to aim at you and shoot.

Additionally, make sure the way you move isn’t predictable or easy to read as your opponent will easily adapt to it.

Move randomly to make sure you are hard to target. 

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Have a balanced team

Having a balanced team is key for winning matches in Battle Stars.

A team where all three players have the same type of heroes will put you all at a severe disadvantage.

You will need a damage dealer, tank, and support to be effective against other players.

This will sometimes require you to play heroes you don’t enjoy playing but that is far better than playing someone you do like, but end up losing the match anyway. 

Play to the strengths of your hero

The best way to ensure that you are effective against your opponents in Battle Stars is to play to the strengths of your hero.

Perhaps your hero doesn’t have a lot of range but can take quite a lot of damage in which case you should try to get up as close and personal as you can to the enemy.

Or maybe your hero has really good range but can die very easily in which case you should stay at a safe distance from the opponents while attacking them.

This will require you to have better knowledge about the hero you are using.

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