Five best military strategies in Crusader Kings 3

Despite the fact that Crusader Kings 3 provides numerous possibilities beyond merely governing and thriving by the sword’s edge, war appears to be an inevitability.

Even the finest of Crusader Kings 3 diplomats will struggle to find peace in the face of seaborne Viking invaders, obnoxious peasants, or exceedingly envious brothers. With war an unavoidable situation, here are the five best military strategies a player can use:

1. Fighting united; travelling divided

Supply-related losses will eat away at an army’s resources. Staying under the supply restriction of provinces, which is done by moving with tiny troops, is the best way to avoid them. Splitting forces and reuniting them later is the best way to accomplish this.

However, the small armies must be watched carefully, as they can be picked off without reinforcement from their allies.

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2. Double trouble

The very last thing a foreign monarch would want when fighting a war is an army of a player who is no longer neutral is pounding on their back door. This strategy works best when striking opponents when they’re most vulnerable, i.e when their current fight is failing.

3. The Strategy of the Central position

In the scenario involving two opponent armies, each of which is individually weaker than the player’s army, but together twice as powerful, the goal should be to keep these armies from forming alliances.

Just before combat, the player should divide his army into two groups: a small force to hold off the stronger of the opposing armies, and a large force to smash the weaker. The powerful enemy army will not be able to come to the assistance of the smaller one if it is timed correctly.

4. Keeping an eye out for talent

Matrilineal marriages can help recruit competent commanders. While having an extremely talented leader is a must-have, having a variety of commander characteristics is also beneficial.

One of the Marshal’s most valuable contributions to military strength is his “Train Commanders” mission. The player should keep in mind that because the Marshal must spend his time establishing country authority, frequent territory acquisition is dangerous.

5. Men-At-Arms

Players should select one military structure in each holding, improve it to the greatest level, and train just the one or two men-at-arms kinds that the structure benefits. Meanwhile, the AI will not be able to improve.

Not only will the counter system become obsolete due to the weight of bonuses, but it will also become obsolete due to the fact that possessing at least twice the kind of countered unit outweighs the countering unit.

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