The biggest unsolved mysteries in Elden Ring

Fans have put together a huge amount of backstory ever since Elden Ring was released. However, there are still many mysteries that remain unsolved in the game.

Unlike most games, Elden Ring gives hints rather than handing up all of its history and realities to the player. Most people now comprehend the Shattering, the demigod ancestry, and the Outer Gods. But there are still plenty of unsolved questions and mysteries.

These mysteries range from character-based ones like the identity of the Gloam-eyed Queen to lore-based ones like Malenia and Miquella’s shadows and Melina’s identity. Some of the mysteries are also connected to the storyline, such as whether Marika broke the Elden Ring as part of a larger scheme or whether she did it spontaneously.

Let us take a look at some of these unanswered and unexplained plots.

Malenia and Miquella

Malenia and Miquella are both Empyrean, although, unlike Marika and Ranni, neither have shadows. According to lore, the Greater Will grants a shadow to every Empyrean.

Malenia and Miquella had not shown any signs of shadows in the Elden Ring, whereas Ranni received Blaidd and Marika received Maliketh. Why this is the case is a great puzzle. The shadows could be gone, unreceived, or perhaps buried in the Lands Between.


The biggest character mystery of all is related to Melina, who is first encountered at the start of the game. We don’t know much about her past or what motivates her to act the way she does. The game’s dialogue makes a suggestion that Marika may be her mother, but that simply raises additional concerns.

Fans were particularly curious about Melina after the Lord of Frenzied Flame closing cinematic, in which she threatens to deliver Destined Death to the player and her other eye opens. Although it is unclear how they are related, many people assume she is somehow related to Ranni because they both have closed eyes.

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Gloam-eyed Queen

She is a figure with a lot of unanswered questions because the lore does not fully describe what transpired to her. Before Maliketh beat her and took it, she used to wield Destined Death. She was in charge of the Godskin as well, which suggested that she could have been a foe of the Greater Will. While some people think Melina is the Gloam-Eyed Queen, others think she has passed away.

The Gloam-eyed Queen is not the only figure with many unanswered questions; the Snow Witch is another. She served as Ranni’s covert tutor and the model for the doll body she used. The Snow Witch is scarcely referenced in the game despite having such a significant impact on Ranni. This mentor’s fate, the reason she took Ranni in, and her background are all unknown.

LOR mysteries

The fact that Radagon and Marika were one and the same raised many issues. They are one person, although it is unclear how or why that came to be, or if it has always been that way. Another issue is Godwyn’s body, which is rather unusual and distinct from the scene when the Black Knife Assassins killed him.

Another enigma is the Numen race, which is represented by Marika and the Black Knife Assassins and has objects called Numen runes. This raises some doubts regarding the Numen’s fate and provides some insight into Marika’s past before she became connected to the Greater Will.

The Albinaurics are yet another enigmatic race. Although it is acknowledged that they were created by human hands, it is not understood why or for what objective. They have two generations, and it is unknown why they have two different looks.

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