Brown Dust 2 tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Brown Dust 2 is a team-based strategy game with anime-style graphics, accessible on mobile platforms. The game features turn-based combat that requires you to strategize against your opponents. While the game isn’t a cakewalk, it’s not impossibly difficult either. Regardless, here are some tips and tricks that will undoubtedly be helpful to new players.

Always bring the maximum number of characters 

Having a complete party of characters in Brown Dust 2 offers numerous advantages, such as increasing your chances of victory and providing more offensive and defensive options. However, perhaps the most compelling reason to maintain a full party is that at the beginning of each round, you receive 1 SP for every character you bring.

SP plays a crucial role in combat within the game, enabling you to unleash special skills capable of devastating the enemy and shifting the tide of battle. Naturally, the potency of these skills depends on the specific skill and, consequently, the character wielding it. Nevertheless, special skills consistently outperform your standard offensive abilities, rendering SP an invaluable resource.

Choose your characters wisely

Speaking of skills, each character in Brown Dust 2 possesses skills that are entirely unique to them. There are no duplicates, which means that every character you select to play with will significantly impact the outcome of battles.

While every character is more or less equally capable, the key lies in how you mix and match different characters in your party. Some combinations work harmoniously, while others do not. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose your characters wisely

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Don’t forget to tap on the enemy 

Combat in Brown Dust 2 revolves around strategy. Your decisions, such as character selection, the attacks and abilities you employ in combat, and more, all carry significance, with each choice having an impact, whether minor or major. To aid in your strategic planning, the developers have included a helpful feature in the game that allows you to gather intelligence on your enemies.

All you need to do is tap on the enemy, and their stats will be unveiled to you. This information encompasses their level, health, and defense, providing you with valuable insights to enhance your strategic prowess

Compete in the Evil Castle

Brown Dust 2 features a PvP mode known as Evil Castles. Engaging in these battles enables you to assess your skills and confront other real players. The opponents you face will become more skilled and higher-level as you progress.

In addition to being an enjoyable activity, Evil Castles also offers significantly superior XP and loot rewards compared to the main storyline.

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