Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Everything new in Season 3

Season 3 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has brought many things including weapons, maps, and game modes, and will bring some more during the middle of the season. Here’s everything that has been added in Season 3. 

New game modes 


Those who have played Call of Duty: Ghosts or Cold War will have no trouble remembering this action-packed game mode. Cranked is essentially a Team Deathmatch but with a very unique twist. The player dies if they don’t kill. (Sort of) 

When a player kills an opponent a countdown will begin. The player must continue to kill opponents to increase the time on their countdown. Should they fail to do so and the countdown reaches zero, the player will explode and die. Players will be given one extra point for every kill they get when the timer is active giving another incentive to seek out enemy players.

This game mode will be fast and chaotic, to say the least. 

Gun Fight 

Another returning game mode comes with a new map rotation to Modern Warfare 2. It’s a 2v2 game mode where players spawn in with a random loadout and will have to kill each other before the timer runs out. 

There will also be another variation of this game mode called Gun Fight OSP which will be available mid-season in which players won’t spawn in with equipment and will instead have to pick them up off the ground. 

GW Infected 

A staple game mode in the Call of Duty franchise and is now coming to Modern Warfare 2. In this game mode players will spawn on the map, but one of them will be ‘infected’.

The infected player must hunt down others and will only have a knife and a throwing knife to do so. Once they kill another player, the other player spawns back and will also be infected. You can imagine the rest. 

The survivors/non-infected players will have it easier this time around as this mode will take place on bigger maps. 

Face Off

Face Off is essentially a Team Deathmatch, but with only three players on either team, and will be available mid-season. 

The maps in this game mode will be smaller and tighter which will increase the frequency of battles. 

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New maps

Core maps

  • Pelayo’s Lighthouse: This map is set on a small island with a lighthouse at the center. 
  • Black Gold: This is the first map that is set in Modern Warfare 2’s nighttime and will require night vision goggles for players to be able to see the full map.
  • Alboran Hatchery: Alboran Hatchery is a brand new map that will drop mid-season. Not much has been revealed about this map. 

Battle maps (Ground war and invasion)

  • Rohan Oil: A section of Al Mazrah, this Battle map will be set in the daytime and will allow the use of both land and air vehicles. 
  • Sattiq Cave Complex: Like Rohan Oil, this is also a POI from Warzone 2, which will have the crashed plane and the maze-like caves. 

Gunfight maps

  • Alley: A small marketplace area taken from the Al Mazrah region. 
  • Blacksite: A training ground that is located in a classified location. This map will also be the Gulag for Al Mazrah in Season 3. 
  • Shipment: A fan-favorite map returning from the old Modern Warfare, that takes place on a ship. 
  • Exhibit: A brand new map that takes place in a corporate-style area. 

New Special Ops and Raids

A new Special Ops mission and Raid episode will be released mid-season. In the Special Ops mission, players will battle the Las Almas Cartel in Al Mazrah. 

The new Raid episode will feature Task Force 141 as they continue with the events that occur after the Modern Warfare 2 campaign. 

New Weapons

Season 3 brings two new weapons to Modern Warfare 2, and players will need to have the battle pass to obtain them. 

  • Cronen Squall (Battle Rifle): A Bullpup semi-automatic rifle that has high damage output and equally good range. 
  • FJX Imperium (Sniper): A bolt action sniper rifle that players might remember as the Intervention Sniper from previous Call Of Duty games. 

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