CarX Street tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

CarX Street is an open-world street racing game developed by CarX Technologies for mobile and eventually PC. It is one of a kind in the mobile market as no other racing game in the mobile platform offers its deep car customization, tuning, etc.

The game may seem complicated for new players, so here are six tips and tricks that are sure to help them. 

You can change the controls

CarX Street has three control options that you can choose from; gyro, buttons, and wheel. The gyro setting allows you to steer your car by tilting your phone, the buttons setting allows you to control your car with the help of buttons, and the wheel setting, as you may have guessed, gives you a wheel to control your car. 

All three of these settings offer different benefits, so make sure to try all of them out. The gyro setting offers you the most control over your car, while the buttons let you play CarX Street in a more laid-back manner.

The wheel offers a little bit of both as you have more control over your car than the buttons setting, but not as much as the gyro setting. 

Upgrade the fuel tank first

One of the features that sets CarX Street apart from other street racing games is its fuel mechanic. Cars need fuel to run and will eventually run out of it after a bit of driving.

While your car is not incapable of movement if it runs out of gas, its speed will be significantly affected which can be annoying. Your car slowing down all of a sudden while speeding through highways is the last thing you want to experience on CarX Street

Therefore, you should make it a priority to upgrade the fuel tank of your car(s) first. Furthermore, it’s one of the cheaper upgrades you can buy. 

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Do not upgrade the engine

Upgrading your cars in CarX Street is quite an expensive affair and will cost you several hours of grinding. One of the upgrades that can be done to your car is its engine. Engines themselves are swappable and you may be compelled to do so with certain cars. 

Here’s the problem, if you have upgraded an engine, you will not retain those parts if you swap it with another engine, essentially wasting all the time you put into upgrading the previous one. So, keep in mind to not upgrade an engine if you are going to swap it out anyway. 

Buy a higher-tier car

Certain races in the CarX Street will be unplayed unless you own a high enough tier car and as mentioned previously, upgrading cars in this game is quite expensive.

So, if your car doesn’t meet the tier requirement for a certain race, go to the shop and look for cars that already meet the requirement by default as they will usually cost less than upgrading a lower-tier car. 

Reduce graphics if you experience lag

CarX Street is very impressive graphically, especially for a mobile game, and naturally will demand a lot in terms of specs. Not everyone has the money to buy the ASUS ROG phone, and you might be one of those, who are experiencing lag while playing the game.

It is no secret how detrimental lag can be in a racing game, and to fix this issue you can reduce the graphics. 

You won’t be able to experience the beautiful scenery of CarX Street, but you will be able to race without worrying about frame rate issues. 

Master manual shifting 

If you’ve played a non-mobile racing game before, you would probably know the importance of manual shifting. Thankfully, CarX Street also has the option.

Mastering manual shifting will allow you to get more performance out of your car, whether it be acceleration or drifting, so be sure to practice manual shifting if you want to be a master at the game.

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