Darkest Dungeon 2: All heroes ranked

Darkest Dungeon 2 has a roster comprising twelve playable heroes. Each of them has their own unique abilities and is catered to a specific type of playstyle. Here we have ranked the heroes from best to worst, based on their usefulness and the skill required to use them. 

12) Flagellant

Flagellant gets better when he’s in low health and also because many of his abilities harm him. He gains various buffs when he’s at death’s door which is useful but also dangerous. 

His abilities often sacrifice his own well-being to help other party members. For example, “Deathless” allows him to heal fellow party members at the cost of his own HP.

Another ability, aptly named “Suffer” allows him to remove debuffs from party members and apply them to himself. These abilities will surely help him reach critical health quickly, but the buffs that come from them are not worth the risk, which is why he’s ranked the lowest. 

11) Occultist

The Occultist is capable of dealing good damage and can act as a backup healer. Overall he’s rather versatile. However, for his better abilities to be effective, things often need to be set up carefully, and even then, the payoff doesn’t seem worth it (if it pays off in the first place).

The Occultist can be fun to use, but mastering him can be quite the task. Another thing is that there are simply better heroes that can do more with half the effort. 

10) Grave Robber

Grave Robber can act as a tank and healer as well as deal damage. So why isn’t she higher? Because she’s not particularly good at any of them.

Her biggest problem is her base power and damage, which prevents her from doing anything significant. She can act as a kind-of useful member of the party, but cannot be of any vital help. 

9) Runaway

Runaway is a fun hero to play with because of her versatility and how she can hold her own in battle. She won’t need the help of her teammates in most situations and can help other party members.

She can heal teammates who are bleeding at any level of health, unlike other heroes. Her stealth makes her hard to take out and her DoT fire attacks can be effective against enemies if the team is built around her. 

8) Vestal

Vestal can be a good support character and a good damage dealer. She is slow and has long cooldowns, but makes up for it with how effective her abilities are.

The only problem with Vestal is that she needs a path to become the best version she can, which can be quite inconvenient. Apart from that, she is a solid choice to add to your party. 

7) Leper

The Leper is a great tank and damage dealer. He has only two real drawbacks. One is that he starts off with two stacks of blindness. It doesn’t help that some of his moves make him more blind.

This can be fixed by making him reflect upon his past, however. The other is that the party will need to be built around him or else he would feel more like a burden than a help. 

6) Hellion

Hellion is a very capable hero. She becomes stronger as she loses health and can deal good bleeding damage. She has a very overpowered healing ability called “Raucous Revelry” that heals the entire party and removes their stress levels. 

She can deal good damage, but the Winded Debuff can reduce her ability to do so. However, many of her abilities get rid of the debuff so it’s not a real disadvantage.

The actual drawback is that many of her abilities require her to be in various positions which can be quite inconvenient as you will have to move her around. 

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5) Jester

The Jester can be quite skill-demanding, but he is nonetheless a very good hero to use.

He can deal high damage, apply DoT effects, heal, and more. Overall he’s amazing but can be quite difficult to use as some of his abilities move him from position to position which can mess up your entire team setup. 

4) Bounty Hunter

The best part about Bounty Hunter is that you won’t have to worry about relationships when it comes to him as he is capable on his own.

He deals good damage and is a great tank, but what truly makes him shine is his ability to stun. In a game like Darkest Dungeon 2, where strategies are everything, his stuns become extremely useful. 

3) HighwayMan

HighwayMan is a damage dealer through and through. He has a variety of melee and ranged attacks, making him effective in any position. However, putting him the position 1 would leave him too vulnerable.

He also has an ability that stuns enemies making him one of, if not the best character, for offense. 

2) Plague Doctor 

Some would argue that Plague Doctor is the best hero in Darkest Dungeon 2 and it wouldn’t be without reason. She is capable of good offense and has a variety of DoT and raw damage abilities in her arsenal; The more notable ones being Incision, Magnesium Rain, and Noxious Blast.

She is also the best healer in the game, can clear her party members from any debuffs, and restore large amounts of health. There really isn’t anything bad to say about the Plague Doctor. 

1) Man-at-Arms

Man-at-Arms is the best tank in Darkest Dungeon 2. He is capable of dealing consistent damage and can also act as a supporting character.

His only drawback would be his speed which could get in the way sometimes, but the positives far outweigh the negatives. He also has a few abilities that can stun and daze the enemies which are always mega-useful in combat.

He is perhaps the only character that can eat the attacks thrown at him in the late game and shrug it off like it was nothing special. He’s our best-ranked character in Darkest Dungeon 2.

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