Darkrise – Pixel Action RPG tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Darkrise – Pixel Action RPG is a sides-crolling, platformer with intense combat developed by Roika.

The game has intricately designed levels filled with unique enemies that are sure to test your skill.

Here are a few tips and tricks that will be helpful for any newcomer to the game. 

Explore your surroundings

While slaying enemies and traversing through Darkrise – Pixel Action RPG levels, don’t forget to explore your surroundings thoroughly.

There are chests, shortcuts, etc cleverly hidden throughout the game that will not be noticeable unless you explore your surroundings and watch for them. 

Keep your distance from enemies

While this only applies to you during the early game of Darkrise – Pixel Action RPG

when your character is not very strong, it is an important tip that must be followed.

Maintaining a safe distance between you and the enemy during combat will ensure your safety, and yes this applies to you even if you’re using the warrior class.

As implied previously, this need not be followed later on in the game when you’re much stronger, but is an absolute must during the early game as you can get killed very easily. 

You can teleport to town when in danger 

While playing Darkrise – Pixel Action RPG you will inevitably, at some point, get overwhelmed by opponents and end up in a compromising position.

At this time, death is imminent, unless, you are incredibly skilled in which case you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

Anyways, when this happens worry not as you can simply teleport to a town and be saved from dying.

To do so simply open the game menu and click on Town to teleport there. 

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Don’t forget to consume food that gives buffs

In Darkrise – Pixel Action RPG you may come across a particularly hard level or section in the game which will be too hard to beat despite all your skill and level.

In such cases make sure to eat foods that offer buffs.

These buffs can make quite the difference, which will give you that slight edge you need to win. 

You can attack without spamming the attack button

Spamming the attack button can be announced at times especially if you’re playing on a phone that has a small screen.

However, Darkrise – Pixel Action RPG allows you to attack continuously without having to repeatedly press the attack button.

While moving and jumping you can just hold down the attack button and your character will relentlessly keep attacking until you let go of the button.

This will come in very handy if you want to mow down some enemies without having to stop to fight each one. 

Group enemies together

While this seems counterintuitive, make sure to group enemies whenever possible as you can attack all of them together.

This probably won’t be a good idea early on in the game as you will be more vulnerable, but is a great way to get rid of enemies fast later in the game when you’re stronger. 

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