Dawnlands tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Dawnlands is a fantasy action-adventure game with survival elements, developed by Seasun Games.

It features deep and intricate mechanics that can be challenging for beginners to master. Here are a few tips and tricks to help them out.

Do not ignore character necessities

While Dawnlands isn’t strictly a survival game, it incorporates survival mechanics that significantly affect gameplay.

One such mechanic is your character’s needs, which should not be ignored. Neglecting these needs puts you at a disadvantage.

Ensure your character is always fed to avoid starvation.

Starvation increases stamina consumption, impedes sprinting ability, and generally affects movement, putting you at a massive disadvantage.

Pick up every item

In Dawnlands, you’ll need various items and resources to survive and grow stronger, whether they’re ingredients for a recipe or materials for crafting weapons.

You never know when something might be needed.

For instance, you might run out of arrows and need wood to craft more, or your weapon might lose durability, necessitating the crafting of a new one.

Having resources on hand beforehand makes things much easier.

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Carry an extra set of tools and weapons

As mentioned earlier, while exploring in Dawnlands, your weapons and tools may reach zero durability, rendering them unusable.

In such situations, having a backup set of weapons and tools is invaluable and might even save your life.

Therefore, always be prepared and carry an extra set.

Use a weapon that suits you

Dawnlands offers various weapons in different materials for players to choose from.

There are five main types: swords, spears, hammers, great-hammers, and bows.

Each weapon type has different move sets, advantages, and disadvantages.

It’s about understanding how to maximize each weapon’s potential and determining which suits your playstyle best.

Experiment with all of them to find the best fit for you.

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