Dead Island 2: Best weapons to use and how to get them

Deep Silver’s long-awaited zombie shooter/slasher, Dead Island 2 sees the player stuck in a fictionalized version of Los Angeles which is overrun by zombies. The game naturally offers a plethora of unique weapons to hunt down the creatures with. Here are six of the best weapons in Dead Island 2 in no particular order. 

Emma’s Wrath

Emma’s Wrath is a sledgehammer that is widely regarded as one of the best weapons in the game, mainly because of the shockwave feature that allows players to clear out rooms quickly.

Along with that it also comes with a built-in superior impact mod and two free mod slots for players to add whatever they wish. The sledgehammer can also deliver a powerful shotgun-like blast making it even more overpowered. 

Emma’s Wrath is rewarded to players for completing the story and cannot be sold or scrapped since it’s a unique item. 


The Brutalizer is a machete that has been modified to have jagged edges that are perfect for hacking away at zombies. In a way, it’s a stark contrast to the aforementioned Emma’s Wrath. Only in terms of style, though as this weapon is just as capable of exterminating the undead.

Players can acquire the Brutalizer by completing the “Body Art” questline, which begins in Beverly Hills. 


Wildstyle is a superior firefighter’s axe. Killing any enemy with this weapon will leave behind a massive fire which is great when fighting against a horde of zombies. It also serves as a way to save the weapon’s durability as the fire will take out a good chunk of health. Many times you won’t even have to actively attack zombies as they will die by the fire. 

Wildstyle can be obtained by completing the “Art of War” side quest that will be available after players unlock The Metro zone for fast travel. 

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The One

The One is a sword that is perfect for players who want to slay zombies in style. The One is effective when it comes to severing the heads of zombies and also can heal the user, so players who like to mindlessly charge in and go berserk would enjoy using this sword. 

To get The One, players will have to complete the “Beacon of Hope” side quest which will be available near the end of the game.

Big Shot

The Big Shot is the definition of the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” The Big Shot is a shotgun that looks like a revolver but shoots explosive projectiles similar to fireworks.

It’s a great weapon to use for crowd control as it’s effective at taking out weak points like legs. The built-in Russian Roulette perk increases the weapon’s damage when its ammo goes down to three bullets. 

To get the Big Shot, players will have to complete the “It’s Not Your Fault” side quest.

Hunting Rifle

The Hunting Rifle is not a good choice for fighting hordes, but its damage makes it a very good weapon for taking down tough enemies and bosses. 

The “Creature Comforts” side quest will reward the player with a Superior Hunting Rifle upon its completion. 

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