Desta: The Memories Between tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Desta: The Memories Between is a turn-based strategy game where you play as Desta, a girl who enters dreams to battle opponents in a dodgeball-style game. Developed by Ustwo and published by Netflix, the game’s unique gameplay offers a compelling experience. Here are some tips and tricks for new players.

Make Every Move Count

In this strategy game, you have to move your character and hit opponents with balls while avoiding getting hit. With limited moves each turn, it’s crucial to think wisely before moving. Positioning is key to winning battles, and poor positioning or movement can lead to defeat.

Select the Right Abilities

Desta: The Memories Between offers special abilities to enhance combat. For example, the “Deflection” ability grants Desta immunity for one hit if she ends a turn with the ball in her hands.

This is especially useful against multiple opponents. There are many abilities to choose from, so select them carefully based on your strategy.

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Learn About Your Opponents Before Making a Move

The game features various opponents with different strengths, movement ranges, and special abilities. Applying the same strategy to all can be detrimental. It’s important to learn about each opponent by tapping on them before making your move.

Use Healing Tiles Wisely

During the game, Desta can get hit and reach critical health. One more hit could end the dream and result in a loss. Some dreams feature healing tiles that restore health when walked over.

However, these tiles only offer healing once, so use them judiciously. Remember, strategic thinking and understanding the unique abilities of both Desta and her opponents are crucial to succeeding in this intriguing game.

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