Destiny 2: How to obtain the best DPS weapon ‘Stormchaser’

The Duality Dungeon in Destiny 2 boasts a wonderful selection of weapons, including the Stormchaser, the best new DPS weapon.

Destiny 2 is always changing. The sandbox that Destiny 2 maintains is always evolving, with new seasons bringing new weapons and new raids bringing new dynamics.

One of the greatest DPS weapons ever to exist in Destiny 2 is Stormchaser, the newest Linear Fusion Rifle introduced in Season of the Haunted.

How to obtain the Stormchaser

The New Linear Fusion Rifle archetype Stormchaser belongs to the Aggressive Frame archetype. Unlike most Linear Fusion Rifles, Stormchaser shoots in a burst of three rounds, which, when combined, results in some of the greatest damage ever seen in Destiny 2. This is what makes Stormchaser special.

Stormchaser requires access to the Duality dungeon in order to farm. The most recent dungeon to be launched in Destiny 2 is called Duality, and Duality has a high power requirement.

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Although the second and final encounter builds up enemy power by 10 every encounter, the dungeon suggests starting with 1,550 Power. This indicates that having a character with at least 1,560 power is advised in order to be able to obtain Stormchaser.

How to farm the vault for Stormchaser

It’s essential to consider both the Duality mechanics and the encounter that players will be running before farming the Vault for Stormchaser. A simple rundown of the encounter is as follows:

  1. Two symbols, including axes, the sun, war beasts or dogs, cups, and chalices, will be displayed to players as they approach the arena. To advance in the encounter, it will be necessary to remember these symbols.
  2. Players should ring the bell and enter the nightmare world when the Bellkeepers are killed.
  3. The symbols shown in the first arena will indicate which sides of the arena players will need to head to. There’s typically some sort of signage on each side.
  4. Players should grab the standard by killing the Standard bearer for each side and then head back into the original arena.
  5. The monster will then become susceptible after being dumped into each of the symbols, and the DPS phase will then start.
  6. This process repeats two more times afterwards and once the final boss is dead, the encounter is complete.

When farming for Stormchaser, saving a checkpoint is definitely the best course of action once you have reached the second encounter, the Vault. Checkpoints must be saved by a fireteam of at least two people.

In order to save a checkpoint:

  1. One player will need to log into another character and save the checkpoint there.
  2. The player should execute the encounter once and reset after logging in as the other character. The encounter on the second character will be saved in this way so it may be loaded in again.
  3. At this point, players should swap back to the original character and complete the encounter.
  4. After defeating the enemy, they can switch back to the character who possesses the checkpoint, exit the fireteam, and leave the other player at the Vault.
  5. You can keep repeating this until the weapon drop happens.

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