Destiny 2: Lightfall: How to earn Medallions quickly in Guardian Games?

Destiny 2: Lightfall’s Guardian Games have just begun and players are scrambling to get their class on top and earn rewards. To do so they will have to earn a lot of Medallions. This article will show you how to earn them quickly. 

For those who don’t know, Destiny 2 holds an event known as Guardian Games every year where players are put into teams based on their class (Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters) and must earn Medallions to push their team to victory.

All the ways you can earn Medallions

Earning Medallions depends on the category of the Medallions itself. There are four types of Medallions; each falls into one of two categories: low-tier and high-tier. The Bronze and Silver Medallions fall under the low-tier category while the Gold and Platinum Medallions fall under the high-tier. 

The low-tier Medallions (Bronze and Silver) can be earned by doing playlist activities like Gambit, Strikes, and Quickplay Crucible. Players who want to earn these Medallions can play the Guardian Games: Recreational and Guardian Games: Competitive playlists. 

The high-tier Medallions can be harder to earn as they require players to complete activities like Raids, Grandmaster Nightfalls, Competitive PvP, etc.  

Another way to earn high-tier Medallions is by completing Contender Cards which can be acquired by Eva Levante in the Tower. These work like bounties and will drop either a Gold or Platinum card upon completion, depending upon the card type. 

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Best methods for earning Medallions 


The most efficient method for earning Bronze and Silver Medallions is Quickplay PvP. Players will receive a Bronze or Silver Medallion at the end of each match and because of how fast they can be completed, they are the best method we know of so far.

Other equally good methods include completing regular Strikes in the Vanguard playlist and the Terminal Overload activity on Neptune. 


Farming Gold and Platinum Medallions can be trickier because of the reasons above. However, the Legend Defiant Battlegrounds is an excellent way to get Platinum Medallions.

Another way is to farm raid boss encounters like Onyx. Players may not get a Medallion for every encounter but completing the boss checkpoint should reward them with a high-tier Medallion. 

Platinum Medallion farm

There is a farm for Platinum Medallions and so far is the best way to accumulate high-tier Medallions. To begin, you will have to talk to Eva Levante and select the Platinum Cards – Neptune Bounty.

To complete the bounty, select the Breakneck mission in the Lightfall campaign and choose the Legendary difficulty option. 

What you will have to do is get past the first area. Ignore the enemies outside the building, enter it, and start killing enemies. Get to the part after the Wyvern, where a door will open up to a large room full of Vexes.

Here, if you die you will respawn just outside the door, so you can go ham on the enemies and die and repeat the process until the Contender Card is complete, earning a Platinum Medallion. This process should take around 6 minutes on average. 

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