Diablo 4: All classes explained 

Diablo 4 has a total of five classes each one deep and full of unique abilities as the next. Picking the right class for your playstyle is important as you will have to stick with that class for hundreds of hours. Also, while trying out each class to see which one suits you best is a good idea, it’s also important that you know what kind of builds and playstyles they cater to. 


Barbarians are a melee-focused class. They use brute force to destroy their enemies and have the highest amount of health in Diablo 4, making them the perfect class for players who want to play as tanks. They largely only deal physical damage but their damage output is so high that they are one of the best choices for DPS builds. 

Like the previous games in the franchise, Barbarians can build fury with each attack which can be used to unleash a deadly one. However, they have a new system in this game called the Arsenal which allows them to wield four different melee weapons. 


The Druid class allows players to shapeshift into wild creatures and perform respective attacks; A Werebear and a Werewolf in this case. They are powerful in human form as well with their storm and earth magic-themed abilities. Druids also have many buffs to offer and are incredibly effective as tanks. 


The Rogue class in Diablo 4 operates much like in the first game in the franchise. The players can use both melees as well as ranged weapons. Those who like getting up close and personal can equip daggers or swords and those who want to deal damage at a distance can use bows and crossbows.

Rogues also offers great mobility so those who just want to play a fun class must try them out. 

Their class specializations — Combo Points, Shadow Realm, and Exploit Weakness — combined with their imbue ability, make them excellent for crowd control and solo builds. 

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The Sorcerer is the best-ranged class in Diablo 4 with her high elemental damage output and like in previous games, she wields fire, frost, and lightning. 

Her high damage capabilities come at a cost, unfortunately. She has the lowest amount of health out of the five classes in the game, making her a bit of a glass cannon.

Another drawback is that only one of her basic attacks regenerates mana, however, she does regenerate mana passively so it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Anyone who wants to deal massive damage at a safe distance from enemies should look into this class. 


If you want to run across dungeons without having to do any actual work apart from summoning undead to kill enemies in Diablo 4 then the Necromancer class is for you. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t get to have fun of your own. 

Necromancers gain Essence by using basic skills which are used to perform powerful attacks that can devastate enemies. They are also the only class that can wield scythes. Apart from this, Necromancers can use their fallen enemies for various things like summoning skeletons and setting up traps. Overall the Necromancer is a great class and is better suited for those who have a more relaxed playstyle. 

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