Diablo 4: Ashava the Pestilent boss guide

The Diablo 4 beta has offered players a lot of things to experience, including a world boss. While traveling through the Fractured Peaks, players might encounter a world boss known as Ashava the Pestilent. 

Ashava the Pestilent is a mean-looking creature with blades protruding from her forearms and is capable of hurling poison at her enemies. Like all the other world bosses, Ashava is a dangerous foe, and taking her down will be no easy feat alone.

However, defeating her is a rewarding task and this guide will teach you everything you need to know before facing off against the beast.

Where to find Ashava?

Ashava’s spawn point lies in the Crucible zone of the Shattered Peaks, which is directly east of Kyovashad. It is also the farthest east area you can travel to in the beta, past the Gale Valley. 

A quest marker will appear in the region on the map half an hour prior to the Ashava’s spawn which will indicate the rewards you can earn upon defeating the boss, and the time you have to get to the location. 

You could make use of the Yelesna Waypoint which is located southwest of the Crucible if you wish to get there quickly. However, you will have to discover the waypoint first. 

When does Ashava spawn? 

You cannot just challenge Ashava whenever you want. World bosses have specific times during which they spawn and Ashava is no different. 

The open beta will have four different spawn times for the world boss. They are as follows:

  • Saturday, March 25: 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET
  • Saturday, March 25: 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET
  • Saturday / Sunday, March 25 / 26: 10 PM PT / 1 AM ET
  • Sunday March 26: 12 AM PT/ 3 AM ET

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How to defeat Ashava? 

A few things to know before entering the fight is that some attacks Ashava has will inflict poison damage and so having some poison elixirs should be a priority.

She doesn’t have any phases during which she is immune and she is also not particularly susceptible to any attacks. Also, she doesn’t have any weak points, so you can attack her wherever and with whatever you want.

She will usually start the fight with a wide slash which, if you’re caught in, will most kill you instantly. If you play a melee character and manage to dodge the first swipe, be ready to dodge toward her as she follows it up with another attack using her talons. 

Another attack she does is a head-butt/lunge attack which is quite deadly. She performs this attack only if you stand in front of her which is another reason for you to stick to her rear. 

Her third major attack is where she swipes both of her talons from front to back, which if you get hit by, you will take poison damage until you’re almost dead. 

Ashava also has a ranged attack where she shoots poison from her mouth that leaves pools of it on the ground. It’s a good idea to stay behind her as you can avoid her close-range attacks better. Be careful as to not step inside the pools of poison as you will continuously take poison damage. 

The final attack in her arsenal is a slam which has an AOE and is telegraphed by a circle indicating the area going to be affected. 

If you die you will respawn close by and will be able to get back in the action soon enough, though it is worth waiting for a revive from another player as your equipment’s durability won’t take 10% damage. 

If you keep these in mind, killing Ashava will become much easier, and doing so will handsomely reward you with Legendary gear. 

Diablo 4 releases on June 6, 2023, for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.