Diablo 4: Avarice world boss guide

Diablo 4 offers three world bosses for players to challenge. One of them is known as Avarice, the Gold Cursed whose abilities are themed after greed. He has two golden horns, a chest chained to the stub of his left arm, and wields a hammer in his right. He is no easy foe, but killing him can be made easier by following our guide. 

Where to find Avarice?

Avarice can be found in the Seared Basin which is located in the northeast part of the Kehjistan region. 

When does Avarice spawn?

Unfortunately, there are no known spawn timings for Avarice. However, 15 minutes before it spawns, an alert will pop up on your screen which can also be found on the map on its spawn location. It is also worth noting that you must complete Diablo 4’s campaign at least once for world bosses to spawn. 

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How to beat Avarice?

Before fighting Avarice, make sure you have sufficiently upgraded gear. If this is your first time fighting the boss, which it most likely is, then team up with as many players as you can as fighting him alone is no easy task.

Upgraded health potions also go a long way as well so be sure to bring some to the fight. 

Like all world bosses in Diablo 4, Avarice has no shortage of attacks in his arsenal. He will vomit gold, swipe anything that’s in front of him with his hammer, and throw his chest and swings it around.

All three of these attacks can be easily avoided and do relatively low damage when compared to his other attacks. However, there are three other attacks you must look out for. 

The first one is where he swings his hammer in an upward motion sending a shockwave in front of him that widens as it travels further. This attack can be avoided easily, but getting caught in it will take out a large chunk of your health.

The second attack is where he slams his chest on the ground creating a large shockwave that travels in all directions. The shockwave itself isn’t dangerous, however, it causes all the surrounding pillars to explode and deal massive damage to anyone nearby, so make sure you avoid them.

The third attack is the deadliest attack in his arsenal where he summons a portal and rushes into it stomping anyone in his path and then reemerging through another portal when he then slams his hammer. Getting trampled over by him deals minor damage, however, you will certainly die if you get caught by the hammer that follows. 

Avoiding attacks aside, you should focus on doing as many crowd control attacks on him as possible as it will fill up his stagger bar and will eventually stun him for 12 seconds when it fills up completely. Once he is stunned, spam all of the highest DPS attacks you have in your arsenal. Repeat this a few times and you will have defeated him before you know it. 

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