Diablo 4: Best Rogue Build guide

The Rogue class in Diablo 4 is much like in the previous games of the franchise. Rogues can wield swords, daggers, bows, and crossbows making them viable for both melee as well as ranged combat. Their excellent agility makes it easy for players to avoid enemies’ attacks. 

The Rogue class can be built for various different playstyles and it can be confusing to pick what kind of build you want. So, we have for you one of the best and most effective Rogue builds in Diablo 4. The credits for this build go to PCGamesN. 

Active skills

This build largely focuses on cold imbuement and uses it to freeze enemies and keep them in place allowing players to deal with them safely with powerful bow skills. Below are the skills you will need. 

  • Cold Imbuement (2/5)
    • Enhanced Cold Imbuement (1/1)
    • Mixed Cold Imbuement (1/1)
  • Caltrops (2/5)
    • Enhanced Caltrops (1/1)
    • Methodical Caltrops (1/1)
  • Dash (1/5)
  • Forceful Arrow (3/5)
  • Rapid Fire (5/5)
  • Rain of Arrows (1/5)
    • Prime Rain of Arrows (1/1)

Once you use the Cold Imbuement abilities, the enemies should freeze completely, allowing you to kill them with your offensive skills. It’s a good idea to keep Rain of Arrows for hordes and use Rapid Fire for smaller groups of enemies.

Make sure to use both of these skills with the Cold Imbuement as they will apply cold on enemies as well. Rapid Fire in particular will apply 25% cold for each arrow it shoots, so it will be effective in slowing down enemies if it doesn’t kill them. 

If somehow a few enemies do get close to you, you can always cast a few Caltrops and dodge away. 

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Passive skills 

  • Weapon Mastery (2/3)
  • Frigid Finesse (1/1)
  • Chilling Weight (1/1)
  • Exploit (1/1)
    • Malice (1/1)

All of these skills are there to make the Cold skills more effective. Frigid Finesse for example increased the damage you deal on frozen enemies while Chilling Weight increases the slowness you inflict upon enemies. These skills are especially important while fighting bosses and other challenging enemies in Diablo 4


When it comes to equipment in Diablo 4, you must choose the ones with the right Aspect for your build. In this case, two Aspects greatly enhance the effectiveness of your abilities. They are the Exploitative Aspect and Cheat’s Aspect. 

Exploitative offers two very beneficial perks. The first one is that it increases the duration of crowd control. The second increases the damage you deal to unstoppable enemies, allowing you to deal more damage to bosses. 

The Cheat’s Aspect is also very useful as it makes you take less damage from crowd-controlled enemies effectively increasing your survivability. 

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