Diablo 4: Tips to beat Hardcore mode

Diablo 4 can be played in two modes: Eternal and Hardcore. In Eternal mode, if your character dies they can respawn and continue with their adventure. Hardcore on the other hand raises the stakes by adding a perma-death mechanic into the mix. Playing through the game in Hardcore mode can be a daunting challenge, so here are some tips that may prove useful. 

Play in World Tier 1 at first

Diablo 4 in World Tier 1 is rather easy to get through, and the need for a challenge can make you change to World Tier 2. Though it’s not a bad idea, holding off until your character has progressed enough to the point where they have decent defensive capabilities is crucial. 

The challenging nature of World Tier 2, though fun, can kill you very easily early on in the game especially when you are below level 15. Moreover, certain items that are vital for surviving Diablo 4’s hardcore mode can only be unlocked in the later levels. 

Elixir of Death Evasion and Scroll of Escape

Elixirs of Death Evasion are incredibly useful items to have in a Hardcore run in Diablo 4. Using one of these will last for half an hour and if you happen to die you will escape death once. You will also be granted a 2-second immunity during which you can heal and prepare to continue the battle. 

These Elixirs can be crafted at any Alchemist once you hit Level 10. Crafting them will require one Angelbreath, four Demon’s Hearts, four Crushed Beast Bones, four Paletongues, four Grave Dusts, and 1000 gold. 

Similarly, another item that will help you cheat death is the Scroll of Escape. Using these Scrolls of Escape will teleport you to the nearest area of safety like towns and cities.

It is extremely useful as it can teleport you out of boss rooms when you are in deadly situations. Another, useful thing about this scroll is that it will automatically trigger in the event of the servers disconnecting so that your character may be preserved. 

Obtaining Scrolls of Escape is a simpler process as the only way to get them is by killing enemies and opening chests. However, because of how rare they are, getting them can be a bit of a pain. Keep in mind you will have to be Level 20 or higher for the Scrolls to be able to drop.

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Beat the game in Eternal 

This especially goes for the veterans of previous games who think they have what it takes to beat Diablo 4 in Hardcore mode without many tries. Playing the game in Eternal first will give you knowledge of how the enemies and bosses work. Moreover, You won’t have to waste hours leveling up your character and will also have your mount unlocked from the get-go. 

Prioritize defense 

In Diablo 4’s Eternal mode, the defense might take a back seat as you’re not in any real danger. However, in Hardcore mode, defense is just as, if not more important, than offense. This goes for everything including your abilities and item stats.

When it comes to abilities, it’s a good idea to invest in those that offer Unstoppable or Immune statuses. These statuses will save you from crowd control effects like Stun and Freeze. 

As for items, make sure you equip those that offer the highest Armor and also effects like damage reduction, life regeneration, increased life, etc. It’s best to avoid Resist Elements as their effects aren’t as useful. 

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