Diablo 4: Tips and tricks to know before starting out

The long-awaited Diablo 4 has finally been released. While the game has seemingly gone back to its roots, it makes a few changes and additions of its own. Whether you’re a veteran from the previous games or a complete newcomer to the franchise, here are a few tips and tricks that will certainly come in handy while fighting against Lilith’s horde of monsters in Sanctuary. 

Skills swapping is free early in the game 

When you first start in Diablo 4, skill points seem invaluable and you might spend a lot of time thinking about the abilities you’re gonna spend them on. While skill points are precious, they can be refunded for free until you reach level 10, so be sure to try out all the abilities to see which ones you like better. 

Try out all classes 

Diablo 4 has five classes in total and deciding which one to pick can be tricky. Thankfully, the game allows you to create up to ten characters, allowing you to create a character for each class. Doing this will let get a feel for each class and help you decide which one you want to stick with for the rest of the game. 

Do not sell unused gear

You’re bound to pick up a lot of gear in Diablo 4 and it can be tempting to sell all of the ones you don’t want for some extra gold. While it’s not a bad idea, dismantling them will benefit you more, especially in the early game when you don’t have many resources and materials.

Similarly, make sure you retain your Rare gear as they can be turned into Legendary by the use of earned aspects and extracted imprints. 

Moreover, dismantling a certain piece of gear for the first time unlocks it in your transmog wardrobe, so if you’re a fashion enthusiast you have another reason to do so.

Item names disappear

While mowing down enemies in Diablo 4, you probably won’t have to patience to stop the action and pick up loot. However, once you’re done slaying enemies and backtracking to pick up all the loot, you might notice that they aren’t there anymore.

Fear not as the items are still there and only their labels have disappeared. The labels fade away after 10 seconds by default and this can be changed in the gameplay tab in settings.

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Fast traveling in dungeons 

After beating a boss in a dungeon, it can be tedious and tiresome to walk back to the entrance. Fortunately, in Diablo 4 you can simply fast travel back to the entrance by opening your map and clicking on the small blue star. 

Dodge wisely

In Diablo 4, dodging cannot be spammed, unlike the previous games. Dodging now has a 5-second cool down which is quite long, especially when fighting a boss, so, be sure to dodge only when you’re certain damage cannot be avoided any other way.

Additionally, certain equipment will give an additional dodge so seek them out if you love dodging. 

Use healing wells only when necessary

Healing wells can heal you completely and are present inside every dungeon in Diablo 4, usually just before major encounters like bosses. Make sure you don’t use them as soon as you see them unless you have to as they do not have unlimited use. 

It’s also a good idea to leave them altogether if you are close to full health even if you are about to encounter a boss. You can come back to them later when you need full healing. 

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