Diablo 4: Wandering Death world boss guide

Diablo 4 offers players three world bosses to challenge with other players. One of them called the Wandering Death is a hulking creature whose abilities revolve around death. Defeating this world boss is no easy feat, so we have compiled a bunch of useful tips that will help you in doing so. 

Where to find Wandering Death?

Wandering Death has two spawn locations in Diablo 4. The first location is the Fields of Desecration which can be found in the southernmost part of the map in the Hawezar zone. To the south of the Zarbinzet waypoint will be the boss arena.

The second location is Saraan Caldera which is located in the Dry Steppes zone. It can be found southwest of Kyovashad and west of the Nevesk waypoint to be precise. 

When will Wandering Death spawn?

Unfortunately, there are no exact spawn timings for the Wandering Death in Diablo 4 so it can be a bit of a pain if you have a busy life. However, the game will alert you 15 minutes before the boss spawns and the alert will remain on the map where the boss is set to arrive. 

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How to beat Wandering Death?

Wandering Death is a difficult boss that only a few players can solo. Before challenging this world boss, ensure your gear is upgraded to a decent level. Having an upgraded health potion is a must as the boss deals massive damage.

Bring along as many players as you can to fight the boss. This will make things easier but don’t expect the fight to be a walk in the park. World bosses are designed to be fought with other players so they will still be challenging. Using Incense is a good idea as it will make the fight a little easier. 

The world boss has a bunch of attacks in its arsenal. It can shout and create shockwaves, slam the ground several times creating waves of spikes in front of it, summon craters and tornados, and shoot hooks and pull them back. 

All those attacks do lots of damage and must be avoided, but its most significant and deadliest attack is the one where it slowly rotates, shooting two continuous laser beams. Getting hit by this attack means certain death so make sure you pay attention and not get carried away with attacking the boss. 

While fighting Wandering Death, the most important thing to focus on is to deal crowd control damage to fill the boss’s stagger bar. When it gets staggered it will remain stunned for a solid 12 seconds during which you can spam your highest damaging dealing abilities. Additionally, the boss will spawn two Trapped Souls when stunned, and killing them will deal massive damage to the boss. 

To sum things up, the boss fight comes down to using your crowd control abilities while evading its attacks to stagger it, and then spamming your highest DPS abilities. 

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