Diablo IV: Midwinter Blight: Everything we know about the event

Diablo IV: Midwinter Blight is a limited-time event for Diablo IV’s Season 2, offering an immersive and festive experience.

It presents a unique and engaging holiday-themed campaign for players to indulge in, combining challenging combat, exploration, and festive rewards in the ominous setting of Fractured Peaks.

Here’s everything we know about the event.

Event overview and duration

The Midwinter Blight event in Diablo IV is set in the Fractured Peaks region, transformed by a freezing storm.

This event started on December 12, 2023, and will run until January 2, 2024. The event area is marked by a distinct purple hue on the map, signaling its unique challenges and enemies.

Starting the event

Players can begin the Midwinter Blight event by heading to Kyovashad and talking to the event NPC, marked by a Midwinter marker.

This NPC is integral to the event, guiding players through the activities​​.

Activities and progression

This Diablo IV event offers a variety of activities, including exploring the Fractured Peaks for resources, engaging with new enemies like Blightfiends and Frigid Husks, and collecting unique event currencies.

These currencies, Blighted Fragments, Lost Heirlooms, and Red-Cloaked Trophies, can be exchanged for Midwinter Proofs, which are used to obtain various rewards​​​​.

Currencies and rewards

Players can earn several types of rewards during the event:

Blighted Fragments: Obtained by defeating Blightfiends.

Lost Heirlooms: Acquired from Frigid Husks.

Red-Cloaked Trophy: Earned by defeating the Red-Cloaked Horror boss.

Midwinter Blight Event Rewards: Includes 14 different cosmetics, like unique backpieces for each class, weapon skins, and a mount trophy. These items can be purchased using Midwinter Proofs​​​​​​​​.

Gileon’s Brew Elixir and Shard of Dawn

An important feature of the event is Gileon’s Brew Elixir, which boosts XP, Max Life, and Lucky Hit Chance by 15%.

This elixir can be used outside of the event as well. Additionally, the Shard of Dawn is a new Offensive Aspect that buffs attack and movement speed, available for purchase from Gileon​​​​.

Boss encounter: The Red-Cloaked Horror

A significant aspect of the event is the battle against the Red-Cloaked Horror, a boss that can spawn randomly within the event zone.

Defeating this boss is a major objective of the event, offering players rare rewards and the chance to earn the Red-Cloaked Trophy.

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