Elden Ring: Radagon lore explained

The lore of Elden Ring is full of mysteries and unanswered questions, and Radagon is no exception. Radagon is one of the biggest antagonists and despite that much about him is untold.

The game does tell us some things about him, such as his devotion to the Golden Order, his marriage with Rennala, his role as the second Elden Lord, and most importantly how he is the male counterpart of Marika. However, it is all kept rather vague in true Fromsoftware fashion. 

The Liurnian Wars and Radagon’s marriage with Rennala

Much like Godfrey, the first Elden Lord, Radagon also had a reputation for being a bloodthirsty warrior and this was especially true during wars he waged against the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

However, he meets Rennala, the Queen of the Full Moon on the battlefield and they both fell in love. At the church of vows, Radagon called off the campaign and married Rennala.

He received a red wolf and the Dark Moon Greatsword from Rennala as part of the tradition, and their marriage bore three children; Radahn, Rykard, and Ranni. 

How did Radagon become the second Elden Lord? 

After Godfrey’s exile, ever loyal to the Golden Order, Radagon left Rennala and reunited with Marika, but not before giving her a parting gift in the form of an amber egg containing the Great Rune of the Unborn. (Rennala later went insane and began to worship the egg.) 

Radagon and Marika went on to have twins; Malenia and Miquella, and both of them were cursed as they were born from, essentially the same being. Malenia was cursed with the Scarlet Rot and Miquella was cursed with eternal childhood. 

Radagon attempted to forge the Golden Order Greatsword from the Dark Moon Greatsword, another act of devotion towards the Golden Order. In fact, he was so devoted that Marika described him as a “leal hound” to the Golden Order. 

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Why did Radagon and Marika get imprisoned in the Erdtree?

After the Night of the Black Knives, where Godwyn (Son of Marika and Godfrey) was assassinated by the Black Knife assassins, Marika was driven to shatter the Elden Ring in hopes of freeing herself from the Greater Will.

When the Elden Ring is shattered, Radagon, loyal to the Golden Order, attempted to repair it using Marika’s hammer, but unfortunately, he failed. As punishment, Radagon and Marika both got imprisoned in the Erdtree sharing a single body. 

Battle with the Tarnished

Marika and Radagon are freed eventually as the Tarnished enters the Erdtree. Radagon takes over their shared body and attempts to stop the Tarnished from becoming the new Elden Lord.

He is slain in battle and the Elden Ring changes back to its original form, the Elden Beast which transforms Radagon and Marika’s shared body into the Sacred Relic Sword. 

The Tarnished fells the Elden Beast and Marika’s fractured body is returned. If the Tarnished chooses to become the Elden Lord, Marika is restored, though it is unclear what happens to her after this.

It is also unknown whether Radagon is restored as well. If the Tarnished chooses to become the Lord of Frenzied Flame or Ranni’s consort, Marika’s body disappears and it is likely that Radagon and Marika will completely perish. 

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