The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO): Coral Riptide armour location

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle introduces four new Trial sets. The Coral Riptide armour set has amazing DPS potential and is probably the best medium armour in the game.


The Coral Riptide armour set in The Elder Scrolls Online is designed for players with high stamina and has the ability to increase DPS output more than practically any other armour set.

Players gain 657 Critical Hit Chance for two pieces equipped, while three pieces grant the Minor Slayer buff to increase damage against enemies in group content. Four pieces increase Weapon and Spell Damage by 129, and the perfected version of the set increases Critical Hit Chance by a further 657 for a complete five-piece set.

But this comes at a price; in order to utilise the entire set bonus, players need to develop strategies for dealing with a stamina metre that consistently hovers at around one-third of its full capacity.

Although the Coral Riptide armour set’s full equip bonus raises the weapon and spell damage by as much as 740, however, it maxes out at 33% of stamina remaining. This is why builds with lower overall stamina can use this armour with much better effect.

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How to get the Riptide armour set

The Coral Riptide armour set can only be found in the Dreadsail Reef Trial, which was added with the High Isle Chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online.

Players need to be prepared to traverse Dreadsail Reef quite a few times to collect enough of these parts to receive the full equip-benefit. Pieces for this set drop from bosses and foes everywhere in the area.

The Veteran edition of Dreadsail Reef has the Perfected version of the Coral Riptide set. However, beating the Reef on veteran mode is quite the challenge and will require significant planning in order to beat.

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