Exoprimal: All exosuits explained

Exoprimal is Capcom’s latest release and is a brand new I.P. In this game players have 10 exosuits at their disposal, each equipped with unique weapons and abilities, suitable for different kinds of tasks. Here are all of them explained. 

Assault class

The Assault class, as you may have guessed, is all about dealing damage.


The Deadeye exosuit will offer players shotguns and assault rifles to fight with, making it suitable for both medium-range as well as long-range combat. Although not the best suited for melee combat, it does have a powerful palm strike for close-quarter action, which is best used for creating distance between the player and the enemy. 


Zephyr is an exosuit that trades armor for speed and agility. It has tonfas that the player can use to slash through dinosaurs at close range, but doing so will require some skill because of its aforementioned squishy nature. 


Vigilant offers a semi-auto single rifle that can shoot single projectiles that travel great distances, making this one of if not the best exosuit for long-range warfare in Exoprimal


Barrage has a helm that is constantly on fire which symbolizes its abilities as they revolve around explosion. Players who use this exosuit will have grenades and other explosives to play around with and blast through hordes of enemies at close range. 

Tank class

The tank class in Exoprimal is just like in any other online team-based game. They absorb damage and make sure their allies are protected. 


With heavily plated armor and a massive shield, Roadblock plays the role of a typical tank well. The shield is a great asset that will allow players to block a multitude of attacks and the boost ability will let them easily knock down hordes of dinosaurs. 


Resembling a samurai, Murasame is a melee-focused exosuit, similar to Zephyr. However, unlike the latter, Murasame can withstand a lot of damage with its thick-plated Armor and uses a massive sword to kill dinosaurs. 


The Kreiger is quite balanced in offense and defense, as it has a military machine gun to mow down dinosaurs and its heavy-plated armor allows it to withstand large amounts of damage. The only downside is its slow movement speed, but the trade-off is well worth it. 

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Support class

Players who use support exosuits in Exoprimal can assist their allies in many ways like repairing and buffing them up for example.


Witchdoctor is an agile exosuit that players can use to repair allies and buff their damage significantly. This exosuit will be extremely crucial on the battlefield and in the hands of a good player, can be of immense value to the team. 


Skywave is a truly unique exosuit as it is the only one that will allow players to fly in Exoprimal. This is an extremely useful ability as it will help players not only fight off some of the aerial enemies but also scope out the battlefield and help their team. 


Nimbus is an exosuit that can both deal damage as well as assist allies. Its primary weapon will allow players to deal decent damage and take out enemies, while its secondary will allow players to repair and heal their allies. It is also quite mobile, making traversing the battlefield easy. 

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