Exoprimal: All Rigs ranked

The exosuits in Exoprimal can be customized in various ways to fit your playstyle. One way to achieve this is by adding a Rig to your exosuit.

These Rigs are tools that add an extra layer to the combat by allowing players to do things like deploy shields, shoot lasers, jump high, etc. There are six Rigs in total and below they are ranked from least useful to most. 

6) Drillfist

Drillfist, as you may have guessed from its name, is a drill attached to your fist. It can be charged and the more you charge it the more damage you will deal. This also comes at the cost of extending the attack animation, which can make things difficult in some situations. The lengthy attack is one of its two biggest drawbacks. 

The other drawback is its tiny range, which means you have to get very close to enemies for it to even be functional. It also makes it rather underwhelming when fighting groups of enemies, which is what you will be doing most of the time in Exoprimal

Now, by no means is this a bad rig as it can do incredible damage, and in the right hands it can be deadly. Unfortunately, there are not many occasions where this rig can shine. 

5) Blade

The Blade rig is rather odd when compared to the other rigs in Exoprimal. Despite what its name suggests it doesn’t doesn’t deal damage. It’s a large shuriken that, when thrown, paralyzes the enemies it touches with its electromagnetic blades. 

It’s good for crowd control especially when things get too crowded, but it’s only really useful with melee suits as its short range means you can only really paralyze the enemies close to you. 

4) Cannon

The cannon is the first rig players will get to use in Exoprimal as it comes with all the exosuits regardless of their class. It’s a simple, but effective rig that shoots a powerful laser beam. 

Despite being the first rig you will unlock, you may find yourself using it occasionally even after unlocking the better rigs, because of its utility. It essentially offers more range for melee suits and more damage for ranged suits. It also allows support suits to be more offensive, making this an overall great rig to have. 

However, it does have its shortcomings. The beam’s duration is rather short, making it less effective against particularly large crowds. It can also be tricky to direct the laser toward enemies that move around a lot. 

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3) Aid

The Aid rig is an extremely valuable rig to have in Exoprimal, as it will allow any exosuit to heal themselves or their teammates. When used, you will shoot a projectile that upon hitting the ground will create a circle that heals anyone who stands inside of it. 

The healing it offers is not sufficient for the whole team and is only useful for healing one person, but It will allow tank suits, and especially assault suits to heal themselves during intense moments and take the pressure off the healers for some time. 

2) Catapult

Catapult is a truly unique rig in Exoprimal, in that it doesn’t offer offense or defense, but manages to be useful nonetheless. It allows the user to launch themselves into the air high in their desired direction, which can be helpful in many situations. 

The obvious use for it is to get out of a dangerous situation like being overwhelmed by hordes of dinosaurs in all directions when you’re low on health. The second use and arguably its greatest strength is using it with exosuits like Roadblock or tank exosuits in general as they have low mobility. These exosuits are usually the last to arrive at battles, and this rig can help them keep up with their teammates. 

1) Shield

The shield rig allows the non-tank exosuits to turn into mini tanks themselves. When used it deploys a shield in front of you that prevents you from getting attacked. 

Now, while it may not seem all that great, what makes it the best rig in Exoprimal is that you can still shoot the enemies through the shield, meaning you can be as aggressive as you want without worrying about taking cover and avoiding getting hit. This will in turn allow you to progress through matches faster and thus give you a better chance at beating the opposite team. 

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