Farlight 84 tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Farlight 84, a successful mobile sci-fi battle royale game, stands out with its distinctive blend of vibrant aesthetics and futuristic themes. Its gameplay sets it apart from other battle royale games, making it a complex experience to grasp immediately. To aid in navigating the game, here are some valuable tips and tricks.

Use the Training Grounds

Being new to a PvP game can be pretty challenging, especially when it comes to battle royale games. Constantly dying and having to start over can be frustrating. However, Farlight 84 offers a solution with its Training Grounds feature.

This convenient component allows you to practice your skills without the need to load into matches repeatedly. It’s a great way to improve your gameplay without the hassle.

Keep moving 

If you have experience with other battle royale or PvP shooter games, you are likely aware that constant movement is crucial in Farlight 84. Battle engagements are frequent in this game, and maintaining an active and dynamic playstyle significantly improves your odds of survival.

Utilize running, jumping, crouching, and, importantly, make full use of your jetpack. The key is to avoid keeping your hitbox stationary, minimizing your exposure to enemy fire.

Use the jetpack strategically 

The jetpack in Farlight 84 is not just a flashy addition, but a strategic tool that distinguishes it from other battle royale games. It offers more than just novelty, as it can be used tactically.

For instance, deploying the jetpack amidst a hail of bullets can be advantageous. Additionally, utilizing the jetpack to maneuver swiftly while engaging multiple enemies can create confusion and provide an upper hand.

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The Mark 4A1 is very handy

The Mark 4A1 is one of the standout weapons in Farlight 84 due to its unique ability to instantly generate a protective wall in front of you, providing valuable cover in precarious situations. Similarly, the Stellar Wind Gun offers similar assistance by creating a circular shield around you and helping you identify enemy locations.

The newfound protection and visibility afforded by these weapons can greatly enhance your survivability and tactical advantage on the battlefield.

Furthermore, the Mark 4A1 and Stellar Wind Gun can be effectively paired with the jetpack to create a formidable combination of offensive and defensive capabilities. With the ability to create cover and maneuver swiftly through the air, you can outsmart your opponents and dominate the battlefield in Farlight 84.

Adjust the controls to your liking

To further optimize your gameplay, it is crucial to customize your controls and sensitivity settings. Personalizing these settings to your liking will greatly enhance your performance and give you a competitive edge.

Adopting a four-finger layout allows for faster button presses while adjusting the camera, firing, and gyroscope sensitivity to your preferences simplifies combat situations.

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