Final Fantasy 16: All consumables ranked

Final Fantasy 16 offers quite a few consumables to assist you in your battles across Valisthea. Some heal you, others boost your damage or defense, one, in particular, does all of these. Here are all seven of the consumables ranked from least useful to most. 

7) Potion

The potion is a reliable consumable in the early parts of Final Fantasy 16 and will have your back in tough fights. When used it restores 24% of your max HP, which is not much when compared to the other healing items on this list, but is respectable nonetheless.

It can be bought from merchants and is quite inexpensive with a cost of 200 Gil, making this very convenient in the early game. 

6) Elixir 

The Elixir becomes available in the later parts of Final Fantasy 16 and restores a whopping 100% of your health! 

Then why is it ranked so low? It’s because of its extremely high cost which comes to 10,000 Gil. Now of course, you will only be using this item when your health is close to zero, and won’t be your primary healing source, which makes the cost more reasonable, but the cost is still fairly overpriced. 

5) High Potion

The High Potion is essentially a Potion on steroids. It restores 48% of your max HP, which is double that of what a regular Potion restores. 

The reason why it’s ranked higher than the Elixir is that this item will be useful throughout the game, regardless of which stage you are in the game. This will be your “Elixir” in the early parts of the game and will be your primary source of healing in the late game. Furthermore, it is incredibly cheap for what it offers with a cost of only 400 Gil. 

4) Strength Tonic 

The Strength Tonic is a consumable that will be extremely useful against thought bosses that take a while to slay in the game as it increases the damage you deal for a while. To be more specific, you will deal an extra 10% damage for 66 seconds. 

It can be bought from merchants for an inexpensive price of 600 Gil. 

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3) Stoneskin Tonic

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the Stoneskin Tonic, which instead of boosting your damage like the Strength Tonic, boosts your defense. When used you will receive 30% less damage from all attacks making this a must-have when fighting hard-hitting bosses in Final Fantasy 16. It can be bought from merchants for 700 Gil, 

2) Lionheart Tonic

Limit Break is an extremely helpful ability in Final Fantasy 16 as it will allow you to deal more damage to enemies and the Lionheart Tonic assists it. When a Lionheart Tonic is used, your Limit Break bar will begin to fill up for the next 33 seconds, allowing you to reap its benefits more frequently. 

For what it offers, the Lionheart Tonic is incredibly cheap and is practically a steal at only 500 Gil and can be bought from merchants. 

1) Last Elixir 

The Last Elixir is what you would get if you were to combine all the consumables in Final Fantasy 16 into one mega-consumable. When your HP reaches zero, the Last Elixir will revive you, restore your HP to 100%, fills your Limit Gauge, increases your attack power by 10%, and increases your defense by 30% for 60 seconds! 

Nothing more needs to be said about this consumable as it speaks for itself. Sadly it does have a mind-bogglingly high price of 20,000 Gil, and it can only be bought once. It will be available for purchase after completing the “Things Fall Apart” main story quest. 

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