Final Fantasy 16: All Dominants and their Eikons

Final Fantasy 16’s story focuses on the Dominants; people who can summon the powers of the Eikons. Unlike the summons in previous Final Fantasy games, the Eikons and Dominants are more prominent this time. Below is a list of all the eight Dominants in the game. 

Clive Rosfield – Ifrit  

The main character of Final Fantasy 16, Clive Rosfield is the firstborn child of Archduke of Grand Duchy of Rosaria. His younger brother was chosen by Phoenix, the Eikon of Fire, instead of him making him unworthy of the throne.

However, he has a mysterious Eikon of his own; Ifrit, the Eikon of Fire. Clive isn’t solely bound to this Eikon, though, as he gains the ability to use the powers of all the Eikons when he comes in contact with them. 

Joshua Rosfield – Phoenix 

The second son of House Rosfield and brother of Clive Rosfield, Joshua is the dominant of the Phoenix, the Eikon of Fire. He was a kind-hearted young boy who despite being made the heir to the throne of Rosario, had a loving relationship with his brother until he would sadly die on the night of Phoenix Gate.

Cidolfus Telamon – Ramuh 

Cidolfus Telamon is one of the most essential characters in Final Fantasy 16. He is the Dominant of Ramuh, the Eikon of Lightning, and strives to make the world a better place for those who can wield magic, by leading a group of people who protect them.

His past is revealed throughout the game such as his former position as commander in the Royal Waloeder Army. 

Benedikta Harman – Garuda

Benedikta Harman is the Dominant of Garuda, the Warden of Wind, and the leader of Waloed’s intelligence force, making her one of the most powerful figures in the Kingdom and Final Fantasy 16

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Hugo Kupka – Titan 

Hugo Kupka is the Economic Advisor for the Dhalmekian Republic and the Dominant of Titan, the Eikon of Earth. His earthly powers are a force to be reckoned with making him a great antagonist for Final Fantasy 16

Dion Lesage – Bahamut

Dion Lesage is the Dominant of Bahamut, an imposing dragon who is the Eikon of Light. He is the crown prince of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque and the leader of the Dragoons, a menacing order of knights. He is also known as the “King of Dragons” and is said to be a highly honorable man. 

Jill Warrick – Shiva

Jill Warrick was the princess of a northern kingdom until she was taken captive and later raised by Archduke of Rosaria alongside Clive and Joshua. She can be seen using ice magic at the start of Final Fantasy 16 and is later revealed to be the Dominant of Shiva, the Eikon of Ice. 

Barnabas Tharmr – Odin 

Barnabas Tharmr is the Dominant of Odin, the Eikon of Darkness, a gigantic armored knight who rides an appropriately sized horse into battle. He is also the king of the Waloed kingdom and takes pleasure in battling and conquering his foes. 

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