Final Fantasy 16: All Garuda abilities ranked

Final Fantasy 16 has eight Eikons, which provide abilities for players to use on the battlefield. Garuda is one such Eikon and its powers revolve around wind. It has five abilities in total, and each of them is unique in its own right. Here are all of them ranked from worst to best. 

5) Rook’s Gambit

When Rook’s Gambit is activated Clive will jump backward and follow it up with an attack. This ability is great initially when you first acquire Garuda, particularly because if you manage to evade an attack with this ability, you will do increased damage with the follow-up attack and the cooldown will be reduced by a third.

That is the main reason you should use it. Another great thing about this ability is if you cancel it midway, the cooldown will be reset allowing you to use it again. However, getting the timing right to evade attacks with this ability can be tricky, which is why it’s ranked at the bottom. 

4) Wicked Wheel

Wicked Wheel lets you strike all enemies within range with spinning claws as you lift them off the ground along with yourself. This ability can also be used mid-air in which case the enemies will be drawn towards you. This ability can be quickly followed up with a deadly combo to finish off your foes. 

This is just a very good ability overall and the fact that it has no base cost makes it so much better. Furthermore, It’s relatively cheap to upgrade and master as well.

3) Aerial Blast

Aerial Blast summons a tornado that slowly seeks out nearby enemies and engulfs them, after which the enemies begin to take multiple hits.

While this ability cannot be integrated into a combo that well, it doesn’t stop it from being great. This ability comes in handy when you want to focus on a single tough target and don’t want to divert your attention to other smaller enemies. 

However, that isn’t the ability’s only use. It can be used to trap smaller enemies, allowing you to perform combos on them and finish them off. 

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2) Deadly Embrace

Deadly Embrace sends out a claw that pulls smaller foes toward Clive. When used on bigger enemies, Clive will be launched upwards. This ability can also be used mid-air, in which case your target will also be pulled upwards (assuming they are on the smaller side) 

Since this ability is the Eikonic feature for the Garuda tree, there is no cooldown for it, allowing you to use it as many times as you want without having to wait. When you yank a smaller enemy towards you, you can follow up with a combo. When you are sent upwards after using this on a larger foe, you can perform aerial combos.

This ability can also be used on enemies who are already airborne in which case you will pull them back to the ground. The sheer usefulness of this ability ranks it so high up on the list, and it is one of the cheapest abilities to master in Final Fantasy 16 at 450 points in total.

1) Gouge

Activating Gouge will summon twin claws and perform a spinning attack that will “relentlessly tear” a target. This ability is immensely powerful and can be easily integrated into a combo.

A great feature about this ability is that it can do a lot of damage to your target’s stagger bar making it useful against tougher foes, especially in the first half of the game. It doesn’t cost much to upgrade and master either making this a must-have. 

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