Final Fantasy 16: All Ifrit Abilities ranked

Final Fantasy 16 has eight Eikons, which further offer players many abilities that can be used on the battlefield. Ifrit, the mysterious second Eikon of Fire, is the first Eikon you will unlock and offers three abilities to use: Limit Break, Will-o’-the-Wykes, and Ignition. Like all abilities, they are unique and valuable in their own right. Below, they are ranked in the order of worst to best. 

3) Limit Break

Limit Break is at the bottom of the list because it’s less of an ability and more of a buff. When the Limit Break gauge under your health fills up entirely after you deal enough damage, you can press L3 and R3 to activate the ability and enhance your battle performance, which essentially increases your damage output and heals you for a short while. 

Though Limit Break ranks at the bottom, it is still useful in Final Fantasy 16. It shines when the enemy is staggered as you will deal additional damage to the fallen foe as well as receive the damage boost from the ability.

Another great use for this ability is when you’re out of potions and running low on HP, as the small bit of healing you receive will keep you going. 

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2) Will-O’-The-Wykes

Will-o’-the-Wykes is a great ability to have but its uses are rather limited. However, that’s not a flaw as the situations where the ability comes in handy are ones you will find yourself in many times. 

When Will-o’-the-Wykes is activated, a few fireballs will materialize and begin to circle Clive. These fireballs will damage any enemy that gets caught in them and in turn, protect Clive from oncoming attacks. 

The damage this ability deals isn’t that great so if you’re looking to use it for offense then focusing on one target is the best way to go about it. Its defensive capability will prove to be more useful as it can nullify damage up to two times, making it effective while fighting against bosses and other challenging enemies. 

1) Ignition

Ignition is arguably the best Ifrit ability to use in Final Fantasy 16. When used, Clive will charge forward hitting the enemy(s) in front of him multiple times while simultaneously pushing them back. 

This ability is great at taking out large groups of foes, especially smaller ones. You can use it mid-air and also change your trajectory while performing it. Overall, it’s a good ability to have in your arsenal and can be incorporated into combat effectively because of its pure offensive nature. 

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