Final Fantasy 16: All Ramuh Abilities ranked

Final Fantasy 16 has eight Eikons, which provide players with different abilities to use. Ramuh is one such Eikon and his powers revolve around Lightning. There are five abilities in total, and all of them are unique in their own right. Here are all of them ranked from worst to best. 

5) Lightning Rod

Lightning Rod summons a ball of lightning that when hit, strikes nearby enemies with lightning. This isn’t a bad ability, however, it does have some flaws. 

The first and major one is that for it to be viable, the ball will have to be struck by an enemy. You can discharge the ball yourself, however, the area of effect will be considerably smaller.

Moreover, enemies keep moving around, because of which they can often avoid the lightning. The second flaw is that even if you manage to get the ball struck by an enemy, it is still a rather slow ability to use. 

4) Blind Justice

When Blind Justice is activated, Clive will shoot a barrage of lightning balls toward his targets. In many ways, it can be considered a better Lightning Rod, as there is no cooldown, and it deals additional damage. 

It does have one drawback, and that is its low damage. However, that doesn’t stop it from being viable in Final Fantasy 16 as it can still be used for crowd control. Time will slow down as well when activating it, allowing you to carefully select your targets without leaving yourself vulnerable. 

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3) Judgment Bolt

Judgment Bolt summons a powerful lightning bolt from the sky to hit a single target and do massive damage. This ability does incredibly high damage even to harder enemies and has decent stagger as well.

However, it does have a long cooldown, but that is expected as it’s a super ability. The only reason it isn’t higher on the list is that you won’t be using it as frequently as the rest. 

2) Pile Drive

When you use Pile Drive, Clive will drive Ramuh’s staff into the ground to create a circle of lightning that will damage all enemies inside it. The attack also has a good stagger rating and can knock back enemies who have survived the initial electrocution, leaving them vulnerable to being finished off easily. 

It’s a simple, but effective ability to use in Final Fantasy 16 and can be easily integrated into combos, which is why it gets the number 2 spot. 

1) Thunderstorm

Thunderstorms will cause multiple bolts of lighting to rain down from the sky and hit your targets, dealing a lot of damage while also dealing respectable stagger. This is one of the best-ranged abilities in Final Fantasy 16.

It can deal good damage even at a range and deals even more damage when used up close. The spinning animation of the staff can also deal some damage, so enemies who try to close in on you while you’re activating the ability will be conveniently dealt with.

The best part about this ability, however, is its short cooldown period, allowing you to use it more frequently in battles. 

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