Final Fantasy 16: All Timely Accessories

Final Fantasy 16 goes for full-on hack-and-slash combat this time around and it’s not surprising considering that Ryota Suzuki, the man who designed Devil May Cry, worked on the game and went as far as to call it his “personal masterpiece”.

While the combat itself isn’t all that challenging, the game does have items known as Timely Accessories that will make things easier for those who do find it to be so. Here are all five of the Timely Accessories in Final Fantasy 16 and what they do. 

Ring of Timely Strikes

The Ring of Timely Strikes is great for those who do not wish to indulge in combat and are just playing Final Fantasy 16 for the story as it essentially does all the fighting for you.

Equipping this ring will allow you to perform all the complex combos with your sword by just pressing the square button. Combining this with the Ring of Timely Evasion if you want to sit back and relax while you watch Clive slay all his enemies on his own. 

Ring of Timely Evasion

Speaking of the Ring of Timely Evasion, if you are having trouble dodging attacks in Final Fantasy 16 then equipping this ring will save you the trouble.

While this ring is equipped, Clive will automatically avoid all attacks, so long as they are dodgeable. You could also equip this ring alone and completely focus on offense. 

Ring of Timely Focus

If you are having trouble with evading attacks in Final Fantasy 16, but still want to actively engage in dodging then the Ring of Timely Focus is for you.

This ring is similar to the Ring of Timely Evasion as it takes effect when an avoidable attack is headed toward Clive. However, instead of automatically dodging the attack, it will slow down time allowing you to easily dodge yourself. 

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Ring of Timely Healing

While the previous three Timely Accessories make Final Fantasy 16 significantly easier, the Ring of Timely Healing makes things more convenient.

While this ring is equipped, Clive will automatically pop a health potion when his HP falls below a certain point (High Potions will be used only after Potions run out). This makes things incredibly convenient during intense boss battles where you may forget to use Potions, while simultaneously not affecting the core part of the epic hack-and-slash combat. 

Ring of Timely Assistance

Torgal is adorable and can be of great help during combat as it can heal Clive or attack enemies along with him. However, you will have to control Torgal, which can sometimes be jarring and tedious.

The Ring of Timely Assistance can fix that as it will allow Torgal to act on its own without needing the player’s input. Torgal will adapt to the situation at hand and act accordingly, while you can put your entire focus on slaying enemies. 

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