Final Fantasy 16: Best abilities to unlock

Final Fantasy 16 gives players a plethora of unique abilities to choose from. Fortunately, the game allows you to equip many of them and mix and match these abilities based on your preferred playstyle. While each ability is useful in its own right, there are some that every player must have in their arsenal. 

Phoenix Shift

Phoenix Shift is one of the best abilities to have in your arsenal because of how effective and fun it is. It essentially teleports you to the nearest enemy, regardless of whether they’re on the ground or mid-air, and attack them with a flaming strike.

Enemies who are downed will be dealt bonus damage. Oh, and did we mention that you can spam this ability? 


Despite being the default ability you unlock when you gain access to Garuda in Final Fantasy 16, Gouge will aid you throughout the game and even in the endgame. This ability will summon twin harpy claws that will continuously attack your target.

The damage each strike does is rather low, but the number and the speed of these strikes are what makes this ability so effective. It has good area-of-effect allowing you to hit multiple enemies at once. However, the best part of this ability is its four-star stagger rating, which basically means that you can reduce your target’s Will Gauge without much difficulty and knock them down. 

Swift Recovery

While fighting enemies in Final Fantasy 16 you will end up getting knocked down more than a few times. While you’re knocked down you will be immobile for a few moments, during which enemies will usually follow up with more attacks and take out significant amounts of your health. The Swift Recovery ability will allow you to get back on your feet quickly and continue your battle. 

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Precision Dodge

Performing Precision Dodges will slow down time for a brief moment during which you can wait away at your target and deal lots of damage. The window to perform a Precision Dodge is relatively short, making it rather difficult to execute frequently. Mastering the Precision Dodge ability will significantly increase the dodge window and allow you to perform them with ease. 


Downthrust is an aerial ability that is initially good, but when mastered, it truly becomes deadly. When performed with precision, the area of impact will explode dealing high damage to whoever is unfortunate enough to be caught in it. 

Pile Drive

Pile Drive is a must-have ability in Final Fantasy 16, not because of its damage, but because of its crowd control capability. When used, you will drive Ramuh’s staff into the ground and cause a lightning blast that travels in all directions hitting every enemy around you including the ones in mid-air.

The lesser enemies caught in the blast will get knocked to the ground allowing you to take them out easily. Couple this with Taunt and you will take out groups of enemies in no time. 

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