God of War Ragnarök: Every new armor set in New Game+

God of War Ragnarök’s update 4.000.000 adds a slew of new things including the much-awaited New Game+ mode which allows players to replay the game while retaining everything they had unlocked in the previous playthrough.

The New Game+ mode also features other things like new bosses, perks, etc. It also adds four new sets of armor for players to try out. Here’s how to get them. 

Armor of the Black Bear

You will get the Armor of the Black Bear as soon as you begin New Game+ in God of War Ragnarök. It has a black fur cloak that is similar to the one Kratos wears in a normal playthrough. 

The armor will be Level 7 right from the get-go and can be upgraded to Level 10. The Cloak’s perk, Shadow Step, increases the immunity duration of dodges and it also fires a bunch of Bifrost Shards when you dodge at the last second.

The wraps and belt also have a perk called Shadow Strike, which increases the damage of the first melee attack after dodging by 40%. 

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Spartan Armor

To get the Spartan Armor in God of War Ragnarök you will have to find one of Brok’s and Sindri’s workshops and purchase the armor set for a total of 58,000 Hacksilver (Chest/Sorrow of Sparta: 25,000 Hacksilver, Wrist/Scars of Sparta: 16,500 Hacksilver, Waist/Woe of Sparta: 15,500). 

The Spartan Armor is made for those who want to challenge themselves. As the appearance suggests, this armor won’t offer you much in terms of protection. It is and will be stuck at Level 1 as it cannot be upgraded. It doesn’t have any perks and can be equipped with Burdens which will make the game even harder. 

Ares Armor

If you want the Ares Armor in God of War Ragnarök, you can purchase it from Huldra Brother’s workshop for a total cost of 58,000 Hacksilver, 5 Asgardian Ingots, and 20 pieces of Bonded Leather. 

The Ares Armor is perfect for players who love to use the Rage mechanic as all of its perks revolve around it. The Rage of Ares perk that comes with the cuirass increases the chance of Healthstones dropping by Rage Hits.

These Healthstones will also fill the Rage meter. The war belt and the gauntlets come with the Enraged Might perk which offers a 50% damage boost to all damages when the Rage meter is activated from full. 

Zeus Armor

God of War Ragnarok doesn’t give the Zeus Armor to you until you beat the main story in New Game+. To get the chest piece you will have to defeat Gna, Queen of Valkyries, and will have to clear some of the remnants of Asgard to obtain the waist and wrist pieces of the armor set. 

The Armor will significantly increase runic and melee damages, but will also increase the damage you receive, making Kratos a glass cannon.

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