God of War Ragnarök: Everything we know about the Valhalla DLC

God of War Ragnarök‘s Valhalla DLC is a significant addition to the acclaimed 2022 title, adding new features and an expanded storyline. The DLC was announced at the 2023 Game Awards, scheduled for release on December 12. Here’s an in-depth look at what this new addition offers.

Journey to Valhalla

Valhalla serves as an epilogue to God of War Ragnarök, following Kratos on a personal and reflective journey after the battle against Odin and Atreus’ departure.

Kratos, accompanied only by Mimir, explores the mysterious shores of Valhalla, facing trials and echoes of his past.


The DLC introduces fresh elements inspired by the roguelite genre, blending them with the familiar combat of the game.

Each attempt in Valhalla encourages players to master different aspects of Kratos’ arsenal against new combinations of enemies, including some surprises.

This aspect of the update is designed to challenge players and offer a novel combat experience.


One of the notable features of the DLC is its roguelike action. Players must navigate the trials of Valhalla, making strategic choices between temporary Glyphs, Stats upgrades, Perks, and Runic Attacks.

The armor is purely cosmetic, allowing players to customize Kratos’ appearance.

The gameplay is structured around learning and adapting through repeated attempts, with resources gained from each attempt contributing to permanent upgrades for Kratos and Valhalla itself.

Difficulty settings and accessibility

The God of War DLC offers five difficulty settings, each tuned to unique gameplay.

These settings range from easier to more challenging, with higher difficulties offering greater rewards.

Players can switch freely among these settings, and the DLC maintains the standard accessibility features from the base game.

Standalone experience

The DLC is a separate experience from the main game, meaning players can jump in any time without needing specific upgrades or equipment from God of War Ragnarök.

However, finishing the main game first is recommended to avoid narrative spoilers, as the DLC serves as an epilogue.


As a token of appreciation from Santa Monica Studio, the DLC is offered for free to all those who own the base game.

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