‘Gran Turismo 7’ gets VR mode in new update

Gran Turismo 7 has just received a new update and the developers have added quite a few things to the game with update 1.29. 

Firstly, the update has added 5 new cars, The Honda RA272 ’65, Italdesign Exeneo Vision Gran Turismo Street Mode, Italdesign EXENEO Vision Gran Turismo Off-Road Mode, Citroën DS 21 Pallas ’70, and Porsche 911 Carrera RS (901) ’73.

Grand Valley has made a return and will be available in 4 different layouts. The Highway 1 layout is similar to the Grandvalley Speedway from the older games, but look closely and you will see there are very minor differences. The course is challenging in itself but there is a shorter 2000m ‘South’ layout that takes it up a notch. 

Scapes have also received a few new things like Drift Photography, Height-Adjustable Spots, the “Height-Adjustable Spots” button on the Scapes home screen, and the Heat Glow effect.

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The Drift Stage and “Move the camera up and down” features have been added to Curation and Tutorials for “Drifting”. The next two additions are probably the most exciting ones, but they are available only on the PS5. 

“Gran Turismo Sophy Race Together” is a limited-time game mode that will be available from February 21, 2023, till the end of March. The game mode will allow players to race against GT Sophy, a “Superhuman racing AI” — in the words of Sony — in a series of four circuits of increasing difficulty.

Players can also take on the AI in a 1vs1 mode where the player and the AI will be on equal playing grounds in terms of car specs and configurations. 

Lastly, the update brings a VR mode, which will allow PS VR2 owners to experience all the game modes and races, except 2 players split screen in VR. PS VR2 players can also access the all-new ‘VR Showroom’ from their ‘Garage’ or in-game dealerships, in which they can cherish the details of cars in ultra-high definition in different locations and lighting settings. 

Check out the trailer for the update:

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