The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: Helpful tips and tricks

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is just as big of a game as its predecessor, if not bigger. It adds a variety of new things which will make even those who have played Breath of the Wild feel like noobs. Here are a few tips that will help everyone who wants to play Tears of the Kingdom

Always pick up bomb flowers

Bomb flowers have been present throughout The Legend of Zelda series and return in Tears of the Kingdom. They are of course useful on their own, but with the new fuse mechanic, they become even more valuable. You can fuse them with arrows to hit things that you otherwise can’t with a simple throw. 

Perhaps there is a breakable wall far away or perhaps there is an enemy you wanna blow up from a safe distance. Situations like these make the bomb flowers invaluable so be sure to pick them up whenever you come across some.

Arrows are invaluable

As mentioned above, the new fuse mechanic in Tears of the Kingdom opens up new possibilities and above all, increases the value and utility of otherwise normal things. 

For example, if you wanted to use a fire arrow (or ice, bomb, etc) in the previous Zelda games, you would have to farm them from enemies or buy them from NPCs, but in Tears of the Kingdom, you need only fuse the material with the arrow.

This doubles the value of a regular arrow as it can be fused with whatever the situation needs. 

Also, the fuse mechanic is fun and you will burn through a lot of arrows while messing around and experimenting with new materials. So, make sure you go out of your way to collect arrows from wherever you can. 

Additionally, you can save arrows by throwing materials instead of fusing them all the time as you will get pretty much the same effect. 

Recipes are saved

Another one of the new features in Tears of the Kingdom is the inclusion of a recipe book. No longer will you have to make a note of the ingredients of a recipe as the game will do it for you. 

Go to the ‘Food’ submenu and select a meal to see the recipe. You can also select an ingredient from the ‘Materials’ and see all the recipes it’s used in. 

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Small Sky Islands have useful loot 

While exploring the world in the game, you will inevitably come across the Sky Islands. When you do, be sure to explore the small ones as they often have a bunch of useful things like chests and resources. You might even come across a Fairy.

The Ultrahand can be used as a scanner

The Ultrahand is an exceptionally useful tool in Tears of the Kingdom. It allows you to grab, lift, attach, drop, and rotate things, essentially making Link a Jedi of sorts. This comes in handy in various situations and you can use this in whatever way you like. 

What most players won’t realize, however, is that you can use it as a scanner to spot chests, as it highlights all the various objects around you that can be lifted. So anytime you don’t feel like manually checking a room or any area for that matter, don’t forget to use the Ultrahand.

Fuse Gloom weapons to negate their effect

Later on in Tears of the Kingdom, you will obtain weapons called Gloom weapons. These weapons can deal high damage but at a price. With every strike, you will be affected by Gloom which prevents a heart from being healed, essentially decreasing your max HP.

This is a bad thing, but there is a way to counter this. All you have to do is fuse said Gloom weapon to an already equipped weapon and you will be able to bypass the Gloom’s effect. 

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