Top hidden areas at Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact and how to find them

Genshin Impact has very interesting lore, interesting characters and amazing maps to explore. Enkanomiya is a perfect example of these things with a ton of secrets concealed throughout.

Let us take a look at some of the best-hidden areas Enkanomiya has to offer:

The Narrows Secret Room

Genshin Impact players can accomplish a mission in The Narrows Secret Room, which is entirely unmarked on the map and only recognised as such by the Wonders of the World achievement list.

It will take some puzzle solving and careful manipulation of the Whitenight and Evernight cycles to really get into this hidden area.

This secret room can be accessed by discovering a Secret Room Key also hidden in The Narrows. The hidden room can be found by taking gliding from the cliffs in the northwest of The Narrows.

The Hidden Sunchildren

This secret consists of a number of little hidden items that are dispersed across an area that gamers would otherwise overlook after they depart the area. Players then need to return to the Evernight Temple in Enkanomiya after finishing the mission The Paethons’ Syrtos.

Seven separate Sunchildren are hidden in seven different places; in order to encounter some of these Sunchildren, players will once again need to solve riddles.

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Evernight Temple Stone Lanterns

There are three stone lanterns concealed from the player in plain sight inside the Evernight Temple. On the Evernight Temple part of the Enkanomiya map, these stone lanterns may be found northwest of the bottom Teleport Waypoint.

These lanterns are pretty well hidden since they look like every other lantern in the area. However, if the Traveler uses Elemental Sight, the three lanterns will show up.

Dainichi Mikoshi Hidden Room

Despite being close to the Dainichi Mikoshi’s geographic centre, this place is sufficiently obscured for players to be unaware that it even exists. There is a little hole next to several Hydro monuments on the northeast side of the enormous structure supporting the fake sun.

Players will have to enter this hole and will then be in a perfectly unremarkable room. Genshin Impact fans may find a stone that instructs the player to sit if they look attentively, though. A Kabayama Shade will emerge after some waiting, eager to provide the player with a mission.

Kabayama’s Lanterns

The hidden room within Dainichi Mikoshi is connected to this Enkanomiya mystery. When the player locates Kabayama, he will give them a task to locate his three favourite sitting areas, which are dispersed among the islands of Enkanomiya.

Despite some assistance from Kabayama, it might be challenging to locate these sites because of his ambiguous descriptions.

The first spot is found in The Narrows, the second spot is found in the Serpent’s Heart, and the third and final spot is found in the Evernight Temple. 

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