Hogwarts Legacy: Types of Merlin Trials and how to solve them?

While roaming around the open world in Hogwarts Legacy, you will find things called Merlin Trials scattered throughout the map. These Merlin Trials are challenges in which you will have to complete small puzzles using spells.

There are 95 of these in the game each falling under 1 of the 9 types, and while they may seem tedious, they are not without rewards. Completing them gives you much-needed inventory slots which come in handy while looting and trading in the open world. 

How to unlock Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy?

To unlock Merlin Trials you will have to complete the main story quest called “Trials of Merlin” during which you will also unlock the first Merlin Trial. 

How do Merlin Trials work in Hogwarts Legacy?

These Merlin Trials are indicated on the map with a leaf icon. Once you head over to the location you will have to spot the Merlin Trial for which you can use Revelio

To start the trial you will need the plant Mallowsweet, so make sure to stock up on some before you head out to complete these trials. Mallowsweet can be bought from various vendors including, Leopold Babcocke, The Magic Neep, and Arn. 

There are nine types of Merlin Trials and you will need the following spells to complete them: Incendio, Confringo, Flipendo, Lumos, Reparo, and Accio. 

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Lighting torches

To complete this type of challenge you will have to light all the braziers on fire and keep them alight at the same time. This can be done using Confringo or Incendio.

The braziers will vary in height and will start to sink down into the ground once they are lit so light the tallest one first and work your way down from there. 

Exploding stone pillars 

A simple challenge where you have to blow up stone pillars covered in green rocks. You can use Confringo or even Depulso. Sometimes there are hidden stones so use Revelio to find them. 

Smashing orbs 

This challenge will have you destroy a bunch of stone balls that will be atop stone columns. You can use Confringo or Accio for this. 

Pillar parkour

As the name suggests, in this challenge you will have to traverse an obstacle course from one end to the other without falling down. No spells are needed for this challenge. 

Symbol blocks 

In this challenge, you will have to cast Flipendo and match the symbols on the block with that of the symbols on the pillar the block rests on, on all sides.

Gathering moths 

You will have to lure moths into hollow pillars with moonstones inside them. To do this you will have to cast Lumos and bring the nearby moths into the crystals inside the pillars. 

Stone spheres

There will be piles of stone balls that you will have to place on nearby platforms with ball-shaped holes in them. You can use Accio or Wingardium Leviosa to achieve this. 

Repairing broken statues

In this challenge, you just have to use Reparo on the statues that collapse when you start this trial.

Large rolling sphere 

In this trial, you will have to move a large ball into a bowl-shaped floor. You can use Depulso to push the ball or use Wingardium Leviosa and carry the ball to the platform. 

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