Honkai: Star Rail tips and tricks: Guide for beginners

Honkai: Star Rail, the latest entry in the Hoyoverse, is just as captivating as its predecessors. It boasts a vast open world and a story rich with vibrant characters, making it a hit among mobile gamers. Here are some essential tips for new players.

Don’t spend your Stellar Jades on Trailblaze Power

Stellar Jades are not very easy to obtain in Honkai: Star Rail, unless of course, you’re ready to spend real money. However, if you aren’t then this tip is even more important. 

The Stellar Jades can be spent on the gacha system of the game, which as you know is an important part of the game. What you get from the gacha system will determine your gameplay and how well you can perform in certain situations.

So, to get the best items from this system you should be spending your Stellar Jades on as much as you can, which means you shouldn’t spend them on things like refilling your Trailblaze Power. 

While there is nothing inherently wrong with spending your Jades on them —  and it is certainly a good investment if you can afford to spend them on them as you will be able to play the game more — it is not worth spending on if you are a free-to-play player.

Explore your surroundings

There is a lot of exploration to do in Honkai: Star Rail as it is an open-world game. Like any decent open-world game, it also hides things across its map for players to stumble upon. 

Players may come across chests, things to read, destructible objects, etc while exploring the world, so make sure to explore your surroundings thoroughly whenever you have the time. 

Complete the daily training every day

When you eventually unlock the Jarilo-VI planet as you play through the story of Honkai: Star Rail, you will come across a character named Seele who will unlock the Daily Training after you speak with her.

Completing these daily missions is a must every day as you can earn up to 60 Stellar Jades. The best part is that these missions reset every day, so completing them is a good way of earning Stellar Jades. 

Pay attention to the dialogue

Honkai: Star Rail has an intricately carved story and the many quests in this game have interesting plots even if some of them aren’t directly connected to the main story.

Paying attention to the dialogues in cutscenes and while interacting with NPCs will not only make you more invested in the game but also give you information about the lore. 

Furthermore, certain quests will require you to find things that will not be marked on the map. Paying attention to the NPCs’ dialogues during these quests will usually give you hints as to where the said item will be located. 

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