How to find and beat the Vitaath in Diablo Immortal

Every new raid event in Diablo Immortal introduces a new boss and is made accessible each month. Vitaath, The Shivering Death that was introduced this month, is already proving to be a significant obstacle for players to overcome.

The reward for beating this boss is a Helliquary trophy called Frozen Wing of the Shivering Death. Placing the trophy inside the Helliquary grants players a bonus of +150 offense rating and a +150 defense rating with a +20% block chance in a Challenge Rift.

Here’s all the information players need, including where to look for Vitaath and how to kill her.

Where to find Vitaath

Players of Diablo Immortal must be at least level 41 and must have completed the main campaign in order to unlock Helliquary Raids before pursuing The Shivering Death. In order to even have a chance against Vitaath and her minions, players are advised to have a combat rating of at least 2,280.

Once these prerequisites have been met, you will have to travel to the Frozen Tundra. The gate to the boss is near the Bitter Hearth Waypoint which is east of the Cavern of Echoes Entrance.

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How to beat Vitaath

Players will have to defeat waves of adversaries from the Ice Clan before the battle with Vitaath starts, including warriors, shamans, and impalers. After they are vanquished, The Shivering Death appears and the real boss encounter starts. There are four different phases to this encounter, just like with other Helliquary Raid bosses.

You will encounter a frontal sword strike assault and an ice barrage that causes knockback damage in a straight line during phase one. You must dodge Vitaath’s ice wave, which is his most dangerous move during this phase.

In both phases two and three, Vitaath conjures ice clones that render her immune to damage while they are active. She loses her shield once the players beat the clones, making her exposed to attacks.

When Vitaath’s health has been adequately depleted, she moves to the middle of the stage to unleash a massive AoE strike that causes ice spikes to fall from the roof.

Players should concentrate on dodging the assault and healing because it will be difficult to revive them while this is occurring. You will also witness a mixture of all the earlier phases in addition to this attack.