How to solve the Well Puzzle by unlocking padlocks in MADiSON

The psychological horror: MADiSON includes riddles that put players’ bravery to the test. Using this guide you will enable be able to open the well by opening padlocks.

MADiSON is a first-person survival horror game with puzzle elements and a multitude of atmospheric scares. With an optional setting, MADiSON’s gameplay tips and adversary difficulty may be changed from easy to hard or even higher. Fortunately, problem solutions always remain the same, making it easy to solve the first actual challenge of the game.

Solving the Well Puzzle

Although the Well problem appears during Luca’s investigation of the normally unsettling basement, the answer can be found earlier in the game. An adjacent chamber with a red safe and a cassette tape can be located when Luca enters a room with a TV and scratched words on the wall.

A big symbol with question marks and blank spaces is written on the wall in the main chamber; photographing this exposes some important information that is only visible in the photo.

The electricity will abruptly go out as Luca enters Grandpa’s dining room, forcing him to descend the steps at the end of the corridor on the right and reach the basement.

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Since MADiSON is confined to a single place, it is simpler to tour the home when the lights are turned back on. Luca may now interact with the tape player in the dining room and listen to Tape #1 after the generator has been turned back on.

After the audio has ended, an automated scenario in which Luca seems to experience some form of migraine will play, followed by an updated picture in his notebook. Luca is directed by this picture to the basement, which is closed off by a red door. Returning below will take you to the basement entrance, which is regrettably locked. Pass the generator into the alcove.

However, observant players will recall that the red door is coated with insects, which were indicated in Tape #1 audio as an indication of the monster’s arrival.

As a result, snapping a photograph of the door will cause the screen to shake and open the red door. If the player looks closely at the photo, another eerie revelation will also appear.

Luca will reach a well that is concealed by fog and frightening noises after entering the basement’s passageway. The three padlocks that are used to secure the well, however, have peculiar markings on them, therefore a hint to the code is needed.

By taking a picture of the sigil on the wall from the red safe chamber, players can learn the meanings of the padlock symbols. Players cannot sequence break the problem since the symbols are randomly chosen and change depending on the level of the game.

The player must enter the right padlock code by aligning the positions of the symbols with their corresponding positions on the well. If done successfully, all that is required to make the well’s stone cover fall off and reveal the path ahead is to take another instant photograph of it.

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