How to find the Sith Holocron in Fortnite

Players of Fortnite can use this guide to find the Sith Holocron hidden in Rave Cave and finish the fourth stage of the Vibin’ Quests.

Players can now get XP and discover more about the seasonal tale in Fortnite’s Vibin’ Quests’ fourth instalment. While most of the actions in this fourth portion are relatively straightforward to perform, there is one that could have players perplexed. This tutorial will aid players in completing Fortnite’s Rave Cave phase which revolves around discovering where the Sith Holocron is hidden.

Let us take a look at what you need to do in order to find the Sith Holocron:

The Sith Holocron can be found in Rave Cave, which is marked on the map as being in the northwest quadrant. In case you missed it, here is the place where players may ride a roller coaster by getting inside one of Fortnite’s Ballers. It’s easy to identify because of the enormous Cuddle Team Leader head that hovers above it.

On the map shown, the platform surrounded by water on the north side of the Cuddle Team Leader head is where players of Fortnite should focus their attention.

You will find the assignment to “find where the Sith Holocron is being housed in Rave Cave” completed and given a new job upon reaching this place. To uncover the Sith Holocron, the goal is to break open shipment boxes, which is not a very challenging task.

Crouch through the half-open shutter door in the location indicated on the given map by players who are working on this next step. You should use their Fortnite harvesting equipment to destroy all of the glittering boxes that may be found on the opposite side. You must next engage with the Sith Holocron, which appears as a gold and red pyramid on top of one of the boxes due to this activity.

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